My reality has nothing to do with your reality. As your reality has nothing to do with mine.

January 7, 2018

Three months ago when I asked to lend my opinion concerning diverting the river. I recommended that the bunds should be increased by at least three feet. When the chief Surveyors heard this…he growled sarcastically…you talk as if you’re some planter who is accustomed to cutting mountains like a cake and clearing forest as if it’s child play….please don’t indulge in delusions.

I took off my sunglasses, narrowed my eyes and flared my nostrils at this man and told him…I am as you have just described. I do not have time to negotiate around your inferiority complex and ego. Do I make myself crystal clear to you. Now please do as I say….if not the river will certainly burst it’s banks and should that happen it would be most unfortunate.

Two days ago the river broke its banks.


‘Just because you don’t know how to blow bubbles with spit doesn’t mean that no else knows how to do just that….it just means you believe no one can ever do that…it doesn’t make it real or factual…it just means you have consciously made a decision to put your brain into four walls of that reality…that is all it means.’

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