What is reality?

January 7, 2018

Woman told me that she loves her man very much, but what causes her to feel sad and unhappy is that he cannot be with her under HER terms. Her terms seems to be very important….as woman has somehow convinced herself that if her terms are not fulfilled then she can never be happy.

I told her. You have everything NOW that can make you complete and happy. But you can never believe it as so much of your happiness is based on the future of what will or will not eventually turn out and that is the tragedy…..as nothing that you have now can ever compete with that idea of perfection that you have fashioned somewhere in the future.


‘There is no such thing as ‘Akan Datang’ happy days. This longing for happiness can never be fulfilled because that very search itself denies the happiness that already within our grasp NOW!

Granted it may not be the perfectly polished version of happiness that we have come to expect. Neither is it the version of happiness that we dream about…but nonetheless it is happiness in its own right.

But since most people search for happiness in front of them…somewhere presumably in their future that means, they are always condemned to an endless search and that very condition perpetuates unhappiness.

It is for this reason that most people suffer a painful gap between yearning and desire…as since what is real they treat as unreal and what is unreal they regard as realer than real…they can only be unhappy.

The funny thing about all this is simply this…ninety nine out of a hundred, it is not the conditions that makes you unhappy, it is your thoughts that betrays you!’

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