Emergency Car Fix

January 8, 2018

This morning as I was driving out of the plantation house. The rear canopy of my car snapped off from it’s mountings with an almighty bang. Fortunately there was still one screw that was just holding the glass up and that really was the only thing that stopped it from smashing on the ground.

Had that happened it would have been a very costly repair….very lucky.

These things happen in the wild, no one is to blame as all kinds of equipment are pushed to the limits….if they can fail..they will fail here first, after that only then will it fail in the city….the problem with these specialised replacement components is it takes a very long time to order and reach me.

My rear canopy is manufactured in Australia and a pair of mountings in the internet cost about USD$200! That is a lot of spaghetti!

Besides I have never been happy with the original rear canopy mountings. They have always looked too flimsy and I am not surprised that they failed on me royally in the way they did. I am just a bit embarrassed that I didn’t do something earlier to goalkeeper what was obviously a foreseeable failure – There and then I decided to pop down to a marine engineering workshop. Measured and cut out two thick slabs of marine grade stainless steel blanks, holed and polished them to a mirror sheen.

Remounted the rear glass canopy. It works better than the original albeit with a few modifications to mountings and placement. Cost. I just paid for materials, owner of the shop didn’t charge me for the workmanship as I worked on it myself…SGD$13.50.

It’s quite an improvement from the old design. Much more robust and hopefully it wouldn’t break off any longer.

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