The art of war – the strategy of perpetual contradiction

January 9, 2018

Always be the person who your enemy thinks you are. If for example. He thinks you’re a fool….behave like a fool. If he thinks you are a talkative person….talk all the time.

Never be your true self before your enemy….as you are in a state of war.

This way your enemy will know everything and yet nothing about you.


‘If you ask me. How I become dangerous. Then I will say it all begins with me sitting all alone. Whenever I do this. I am not striving for anything…I am not trying to calm myself or even filtering any of my thoughts. Instead when I sit all by myself. I am just allowing thoughts and more importantly, uncomfortable feelings to appear before me. Like I said, I never winnow my thoughts by saying to myself – I have to just think happy and not negative or evil thoughts…I think it’s important not to have any hidden agenda with one’s thoughts. Because when you do that all you’re really doing is creating a self conspiracy. As what you’re actually doing is creating ten other new thoughts that didnt previous exist and that is a summary of how most people get into a bind.

That is what I notice most people do – they only think they can will themselves to think only happy…positive and edifying thoughts….in a sense they don’t seem to understand how powerful their mind actually is and how little control they have over it….but as soon as you shutter these or that thoughts. All you’re doing is repressing them in darkness and they will eventually surface and come back stronger than ever…so I don’t interfere with what’s been screened in my mind…. I am just watching it all…impassively. Just allowing the full swell of thoughts and feelings to bubble right up from the depths.

Eventually these thoughts have to dissipate their energy. They can’t stream with the same intensity forever…and when they begin to slowly die down that’s when they reveal subtler layers of thoughts and feeling where gradually I begin to grow aware of how my being begins to peel off from my ego….I am very sensitive to this process of separation or detachment which ever you may like to describe it…only because this is the moment when I can look directly into the very source of my pain without feeling any emotions….that’s important as it’s very different from being emotionally dead. My point is I am very much part of life when I am communing with myself at this level. Rather because I am no longer slaved to the ego…I no longer feel shackled to anger, resentment or even hurt….I am very soft, open and accepting. There is no urgency for me to do anything or to even force my mind to think along a particular line of necessity.

I am just very uncannily calm like the moment just before I loose an arrow….there are no actual thoughts. I don’t even think about how the arrow is going to proceed to target or whether it will even find it’s mark. All I can sense is the grand order of things that seems to be bigger than whatever reality I can conjure in my petty mind…the cadence of my breath….the tension of the bow string and the release…thereafter there is just nothingness….emptiness….a void.

Yes I think I am most dangerous when I am in this sort of mental neighborhood.’

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