Power & freedom

January 11, 2018

Some time back ago. A very elderly planter told me in private during a formal dinner that I would do well not to expand my business too fast….or else.

It seems some insecure people are not very happy with me. They want me to rot like them!

I leaned over and whispered to this old version of Darth Vader, you speak the language of power…influence and politics very well, but don’t you think it is a contradiction when you speak of all these things yet have to wake up at least twice and maybe three times just to piss in the night.

You speak about power and control and shaping destinies….but it’s seems the bladder has a mind of its own.

I could tell from the speed at which the old man’s pupils dilated he was red hot furious…but I did not let up. I pushed it right to hilt into his ribs and even twisted it a couple of times.

I went on to spell it out clearly to this old man….look here! I just want enough to wet my beak which isn’t very much. Nothing more or less. But if these idiots push me too far and should I end up in one miserable corner…tell me who will benefit if I decide to break out like that battleship called Bismarck….the old man looked up at the ceiling and murmured…yes the Bismarck…she was the cause of much sleepless nights along with high blood pressure.

I went to add…yes I know I will not be able to win and will ultimately have to go down like an anchor. But before I do you all that courtesy….I will definitely take my fair share of tonnage with me. Now is that all worth it just because you want to control….have power and exercise command?


So please don’t threaten me. Remember what I told you whenever you think you are holding a big stick in your hand….you cannot hope to exercise power over a person without him having some power over you.


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