You first think your reality…then you become it

January 11, 2018

When I was a salaried man many moons ago. I can recall one incident that is still clear as day today. It was lunch time and I was in the factory cafeteria munching on sandwiches all by myself.

On the next table were a group of people arguing about freedom….they wanted freedom to do whatever they wanted to do…and the only way they saw this happening was if someone in power gave them freedom.

There and then I could see there was a gigantic flaw in their thinking. Firstly in the two thousand and a bit history of humanity….no one in power has ever woken up one day and given anyone freedom…it has never even happened so much as once.

As I looked on at these people. It became very clear to me these people who believed so passionately their lives would be immeasurably enhanced if only they were given more freedom were not united by any resembling a great idea.

No! Rather what united them was their collective myopia in not being able to make out the patently obvious – which is simply this. Even if someone somewhere gave them all the freedom, it would be meaningless….as providing they had to still work for someone just get by in life that arrangement would by itself be a sort of slavery that would deny them freedom….so it became very clear to me from that point onwards – real freedom had to first beginning by working ONLY for yourself and not for others.

The singularity of this idea – to work for oneself is the first step towards real emancipation would be so powerful that it would eventually dominate all my thinking in the context of freedom and liberty.

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