Keystone trench

January 12, 2018

A few days ago. I finalised the keystone trench. This is the most important trench as it connects all the four major trenches to drain water from the land.

What makes the keystone trench difficult to construct is that it cannot be incorporated during the initial stages when the other trenches are constructed.

This is because when the land is landscaped, it will have to go thru a period of settling and compaction that can only happen naturally with time, opportunity and exposure to the elements….usually the keystone trench is constructed only after three to four months.

It is usually a nerve wrecking exercise that requires balls of steel, as since one cannot actually predict how the land will eventually settle into its final shape and form…and not even computers can perform this sort of calculation.

It’s not unusual for the location of the keystone trench to some cases radical rescaping of the land is required. This is usually costly and very time consuming – in my case the location of the planned keystone trench was spot on. I had no problems with either the incline, water table and drain out rate….it seems I am very lucky….No! I am not being humble…I am actually genuinely calling it for what it is.

I am just incredibly lucky!

This is the final stage of the replanting. From now on, it’s really up to the trees.


‘There is a saying….the best way to clear muddy water is to leave it alone. This aphorism challenges many of our assumptions only because our natural response whenever we are confronted with a problem is to spend as much time as we can thinking about it.

In a sense society endorses that sort of response to problem solving…thinking as much as humanly possible is considered responsible….prudent and engaging the problem effectively….but this is not always the case.

As this was what actually happened on the land….when it first flooded after the landscaping. There was great pressure from all the neighbouring landowners for me to do something…anything…but the problem is the land needs time to settle. I know the process cannot be rushed…but they don’t, because none of them have ever cleared land before.

After all consider this, tons and tons of earth have been moved and soil isn’t just soil…it has a character and no two locations not even if they happen to be on the same plot of land share the same soil properties…so they will all settle and take their final shape and form.

That simply means I have to wait….and the best way to do so was not to think about it.

In a sense this attitude is counter intuitive to everything that we have been trained to believe in i.e the best way to solve a problem is to do absolutely nothing….but in some cases that is exactly what is most needful i.e the best way to clear muddy water is to leave it absolutely alone.’

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