Let reality, be reality

January 13, 2018

Early this morning I had breakfast with a few planters.

This is what I told them….I know you all don’t like me. But you must all understand….you are not waging war with ME….Rather when you resist me…you are resisting legion…that is to say you resisting an indestructible idea…as all you’re doing is fighting reality!

You all merely think by killing me…you can keep your way of life intact.

You don’t actually hate me…what you actually hate without you all even realising it is when things happen in our life that are beyond our control.

That is the reason why you all see me as a threat that must be resisted, you fight and you all stand your ground because deep down you all fear not me, but reality itself.

My feel is you will all be better off, if you stopped fighting me and simply allowed reality to be reality.

To even accept what will have to be and to even deal with that reality no matter how uncomfortable that idea maybe.

Because I want you all to understand..I did not fashion that reality that will come one day tearing into your world like a runaway bus with faulty brakes….I am not involved in the cruel mathematics of feeding the world with only X,Y or Z arable land…I have nothing to do with climate change….I have even less to do with the power and politics of food and how mankind might even be able to feed everyone on this planet when nothing seems to work any longer…..that is the big fat reality that will come your way even if you all manage to bury me and my five cent dream…..do you understand the type of reality I am referring too…men such as I will always come knocking on your door because they are part of that reality! Because there is a bigger agenda within that reality that drives them to do so.

At the end you all have a choice.

You can either spend all your time and energy raging against the current that has brought men like me here today, or you can simply seek to understand why we will continue to come even if we met stiff resistance…even if you crush every bone in our body….above all let reality, be reality…as only a fool will fight against what will and must happen.


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