The biggest divide in Singapore

January 13, 2018

I know that many of you will find what i have to say ridiculous. But do bear with me. As what I have to share will be reality not now, but one day in the distant future in Singapore.

In the age of self piloting flying cars and when they finally manage to get the trains running. The biggest divide that will afflict Singaporeans will not be race, gender, wealth, education or even whose parents one might be…it would simply be this – Singaporeans who dream and those who do not how to.

Singaporeans who dream will be classed as the new elites. They will be allowed by the state to live in the dream zone where real grass and trees grow. In the future only the dreamers will be allowed to get married and have children.

As for those who do not dare to dream….they will be considered undesirables by the state.

My name is Darkness. I wrote this on the beginning of the year 2018.*

*Please copy all this out on a plastic NTUC bag and bury it somewhere.


‘If you’re a woman. You should be careful of men who dream. It’s easy to make out a dreamer. They all have that distant look like rocks that don’t quite belong where they have ended up….and although dreamers may have precious little in this world except maybe their grandmama’s dentures and the number of alphabets that make up their name….it is the terrible hunger in their eyes that betrays the depth of the nakedness of their tormented soul.

If you are a woman and you come across a man with such eyes….you must get up from your chair and run away from him and never look back.

You see it can really go like this with a man who dreams. In the beginning everything will appear fine. But that’s only because he doesn’t have a clue what’s coming his way. He will settle into a job. Put a down payment on a house and even shop for a sofa that he insist has to last at least ten years….but one day this man will sense a pull….it’s hard to tell…he might look lost in his own thoughts at birds heading south in the dying light longingly as if he could sprout wings and fly with them. Or maybe he would just feel as if something is forcing it’s way out of his back like wings. When you ask, is everything alright Darling…he will smile weakly and say yes.

But I want you to understand he’s not being honest, something is growing inside this man….something very powerful and ferocious is just about to gnaw it’s way out by tearing thru flesh and bone into the world…his dream!

One day this man who you love will just pick up and leave.

You see it is like an incurable disease that consumes the soul. People who are afflicted with this malady can’t help themselves…it has something to do with the hunger in their eyes. They will leave when their skins are tight and only return in the late evening to die when they are old and dried up like a prune. Men with hungry eyes are fearless. They will conquer new lands…they will clear the forest, set straight the capricious rivers and even tame the canterkerous jungle….they will do all these things and much more as they are always searching for something that is before them in some faraway distant land that only they can see with their hungry eyes.

Beware of men with hungry eyes…as their dreams always come true.’

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