The power of understanding

January 22, 2018

Knowledge is a great thing. But there is one thing that sits higher than knowledge itself….and that is understanding.

People generally do not lack knowledge. In this world you can find all types of people who have all manner and form of knowledge without too much fuss. You can even find people who have the knowledge to design contraptions to enable man to walk on water!

Knowledge it seems is not a problem with mankind.

The problem is merely this – the capacity to understand. To be precise man does not understand and it is this lack of understanding that prevents him from using knowledge in a way that will bring good to both people and planet.


‘When you have developed perfect understanding of how YOUR own mind works. Then it is almost impossible to get upset when you come across people who behave immaturely, rudely or even in a manner that is directly motivated to insult you!

I say it is impossible because with the benefit of complete understanding of the self….you can never get angry with that obnoxious person. Maybe the wave of anger will last only momentary at best. After that you will be filled with pity for them. Because you are like a Kung Fu master. You can see so clearly without having to go thru the bother of fighting, how messed they are to such a point where they are falling over each other….they don’t have understanding.

I think you should always be mindful of the variety of men who understands himself completely.

I cannot continue to emphasise how dangerous these category of men are. As not only do they have the uncanny ability to know what you will do and even think….I think when you know yourself completely, it’s a sort of secret knowledge that can be abused in the wrong hands by bad people. That is why if you observe all forms of ancient martial disciplines, they always emphasise this cardinal aspect of the mental training – know yourself completely!

What the master doesn’t tell you is once you understand yourself – then you can see so clearly what your enemy will do….you see it so clearly, as he was like you before you gained mastery over yourself!’

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