Every man should learn to use a Thermos

January 23, 2018

A real man should never be ashamed to be seen lugging a Thermos in public. As it shows that he is a man who not only knows how to cook, but most importantly appreciates good food and much prefers to eat by himself…a quiet and reserved sort of fellow. There will always be something very attractive about such a man to a discerning lady. Of course lah Sengkang Sally will never appreciate all this….if you are chowing on economy beehon from a styrofoam box…she will appreciate lah!

I can assure you not many men can do this in Singapore. Maybe one in five hundred…so if you can do this. You are already in the TOP drawer market of men.


‘I don’t eat out much. Maybe one out of a hundred meals. The reason is very simple I can cook much better than what’s usually offer for retail. Besides this whole idea of searching for food like a vampire, looking for a parking slot, standing in line etc etc….is all very stupid to me. Successful people never ever waste time on the nitty gritty – they just cut to the chase.

I hunt for my own meat and cook myself. Most of the stuff I grow. I like to eat stews with bread. Stew is very easy to cook, easy to digest and very easy on the stomach when I am out in the field.

I use two food jars by Thermos daily. The first is 0.5L, it’s maybe enough for a small and light meal. The other is a Doreamon 0.7L that can hold a big meal in the field.

When I go out into the field. I usually pack two. I give the smaller one to the dog that is following me out….he usually appreciates a hot meal with biscuits especially when it’s raining.

I am very happy with my Thermos.’

DISCLAIMER – I don’t get paid in any shape or form for writing this.

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