Maybe…just Maybe Miss Tan…he doesn’t want to fuck you!

January 23, 2018

This is what I understand. If there is anything that is inaccurate in what I have posted. Please kindly let me know. Otherwise what I write here will stand.

Not long ago. This perculiar woman after yoga or kamasutra I cannot remember. Anyway she boarded a train. Thereafter she claim that a man was staring at her. And this made her very uncomfortable.

Personally I feel very sorry for the man. As since his face is plastered all over the internet. He is now very well known in Singapore as a sex crazed maniac who stalks ugly women in the MRT.

Singapore is a very small place and this sort of character assassination by AWARE kangaroo court will certainly affect this man’s opportunities for employment…..personally I don’t feel this is right.

Because there have been times when I have emerged from the jungle and behaved exactly in the same manner due in part to my autism. But in my case I am very fortunate as ALL the women I stare at smile back and even ask me for my phone number and some even insist that I make a move. When I ask what movement they are talking about…that is only when they look at me in a very odd and suspicious manner.

If anyone knows the identity of this young man and if he is in need of legal counsel to pursue a case of slander and defamation against this psychotic woman. Please let me know. I may just know a few generous anonymous farmers who may be willing to fund his legal case to set the record straight so that he can live a normal life after being falsely accused as a sex maniac.

Kindly pass the word around.


‘SMRT should set a corner marked safe zone. No this not to protect women against sex maniacs. It is to protect innocent men from being falsely accuse of sexual harassment. The way the safe zone works is it is a location on a corner of the train that the man can actually go to seek protection. There he can use a cable tie to cut the circulation from his cock and balls which shouldn’t be to difficult for SMRT to supply since cable ties are holding the trains and rails and everything else up in the MRT and I am told in Singapore as well….maybe this is the only way for men not to falsely accused by psycho women who seem only to see the world thru their little petty me, me and me sex fixated world!’

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