Why it can never be right for men and women to use the internet to highlight sexual harassment

January 24, 2018

It’s not the right channel (period) No one is saying irrespective whether you are a man, woman, planet of the apes or Pokemon. Your species and gender doesn’t have an elemental right to lodge a complain.

But there already exist proper and orthodox channels to do this – you can go to the police shop to see what is available….the internet however is not a place where you can make all sorts of wild allegations and post photos of people who you attach all kinds of labels to….if you want to do that…you can. But you have to live with the consequences and implications.


‘I am so sorry. But if you take to the internet to complain that someone is sexually harassing you in the train or in the Singapore Flyer.

This is not the right channel!


The rational is very simple and straight forward.

Everyone is presume to be innocent unless proven guilty. You are god. You cannot label people negatively without any basis of proof based on justice. Besides your account of what happened no matter how traumatic it may have been is not an objective account. Since it doesn’t take into account the other side of the story. Hence an unilateral account falls short of the legal criteria – Audi alteration partem.

The second reason why your account cannot be treated as factual is due to the legal criteria – nemo judex in causa sua. Since you are a vested party, you cannot be a judge of your own case.

You can certainly take your case to the internet. But if you are proven to be factually in accurate or wrong. You can be sued.

So once again go make a police report! Don’t be a cry baby drama queen.’

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