Why Singapore shouldn’t be afraid to put an end to democracy

January 28, 2018

Hey there’s talk of Oprah Winfrey being the next president. Is there like something that has been added to US national water supply…something like mind bending drugs. Why do I get the sinking feeling I am the only one who really believes that only very serious people should run for president…why?

Could it be, there’s something wrong with me?


‘It’s conceivable Democracy as a political theory is busted up beyond economic repair. The election of Trump and Brexit merely confirms this emerging reality. In democracies like the US and EU party positions are getting so polarised that they no longer represent the common ground any longer. Instead politics has veered to the feral domain of extremes and democracy as a political theory is now closer to mob rule i.e the tyranny of the majority. The executive cannot accomplish anything because party politics is no longer about the common good and everything to do with illiberal minded partisan politics. The sooner democracy as a school of thought is done away with the better it is for everyone.’

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