How wise is it to take what your mind says seriously?

January 30, 2018

Not very long ago. I used to take myself very seriously. That’s to say whenever my mind spoke….I would drop everything in a flash and listen in the way as if God himself was talking…that is how society has programmed me to regard my mind….I must always trust it!

One day many years ago. I decided to conduct a very dangerous experiment – where I told myself I will try from today onwards not to take my mind too seriously….infact I will even mistrust it a bit by hold back final judgement for at least a day.

After three long years. I discovered a few important lessons – firstly I was making better decisions, I wasn’t having so many regrets about emails that I wished I didn’t send, I was also less confrontational and I even came across as a wiser and steadier person….you see it is very very simple…my cunning ego was actually hiding behind the authority of my mind.

I discovered another of his hiding places.


‘When you look into the mirror and say to yourself – I want to get rid of my ego! It’s not that simple. Your ego has been around for a very long time. He knows where to hide in your brain – he knows so well that even if he’s talking to you…you don’t even know it’s him…your ego that is.

So to discover what is hidden….one must first learn to hide things. That is to say don’t tell yourself that you plan to get rid of him…your ego.

Yes…I know it’s a conspiracy and it’s all up there…as you can see for yourself.’

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