Holding back

January 31, 2018

Early this morning. During my walk around to inspect the harvest. I reprimanded a harvester for leaving his tools on the road….he said something to me that one never ever says to a landowner. (You must understand I am a very wealthy and powerful landowner. I can literally make you disappear for saying those things to me! Btw that’s my ego talking! Fuck him lah!)

Instead. I walked away and pretended that I did not hear it.

Later on I sat down with that harvester for tea in the field. His mother passed away…he was very attached to his mum.

Jun is not an ordinary harvester. When I first came here as a penniless man many years ago…he was first worker….we have both been thru a lot.

This I cannot forget….I cannot forget. Whenever I think back, he is one of those who stood by me in those terrible years when I was all alone.

So although I wanted to be hard to him…my heart was soft.

I am very glad that I held back…very very glad.


‘I think leaders of a country need to be considerate, thoughtful and above all cultivate a long term relationship of trust and belief with their citizens. When you do this…most people will remember it. As for those who don’t – they’re garbage any way, so even if they are with you in the thick, they are probably dead weight. But for those who really appreciate it and remember…I think they will go beyond the call of duty….it is a sort of karma..what goes around will come around. That is why natives who think it is stupid to give scholarships to foreigners are stupid…or people who think it is Ok to treat foreigners who work and study in Singapore like shit…they are stupid…they don’t understand how it all comes right back….one day you it will all come back.’

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