February 7, 2018

For me the idea of freedom has always been somewhat of a contradiction. I say this because, when we regularly speak about freedom it is always invariably couched in terms of how much freedom the custodians of power are prepared to grant us…freedom to express ourselves…freedom to think and do things etc etc.

But what is real freedom. Is a person for example who is proceeding unthinkingly thru life…really free?

My point is when we drill deeper into the word freedom what we will eventually discover is true freedom isn’t an idea or concept that is given to us…you or me. In other words it is not a tradable commodity.

Because real freedom starts from the space between your two ears. It is exclusively yours in the private sense you can possibly define.

Forget the freedom of whether you can prance around naked and pick flowers in botanical gardens….that genre of freedom I can argue is never as important as the search for liberty in the clutter of your own mind. I am not saying that variety of freedom is not important. It is! But if we are to prioritise things in life. Then I think the little ‘i’ freedom would be the first place to start.

It is only when we can see this contradiction in our thinking that we are able to appreciate the paradigm…that freedom is very personal and individualistic.

As true freedom can only begin when we are at peace with our inner being. And as we nurture true freedom within with the intellect of working towards the awaken state…only then can real goodness work it’s way deep within us into the broader and wider world.

When I was younger. I used to think that a better world could only emerge from shouting till my lungs hurt….nowadays, I understand that the only necessary revolution must first begin within me.

I had no teachers to tell me these things when I was younger. No one to even counsel me on the error of my ways or for that matter how flawed my thinking was then to the whole notion of freedom.

I cant but help feel today. If I had known the things I know today…then I would probably have awakened earlier.

But I don’t see it in terms of regret. Not at all. Because ultimately I may have been the man who kept bumping into furniture in a dark room…but at least I eventually found the switch to the light and banished darkness.’

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