The loneliness of living in the truth

February 8, 2018

Please take a moment and think about it. If there’s any reason in the world for you to press the pause button now – it is maybe the idea that you have finally reached the realization in your life that there is much more to the whole idea of who you are.

Before your world was simple and clear cut. You are you and the idea of you or for that matter I, him, her or them was really just like a convenient blob.

Now with the power of insight. We suddenly realise that there is much more to the whole idea of who you really are….what I find remarkable about this, is that this whole idea of awakening to consciousness is merely just an insight.

It is not about beliefs in the same sense in which we speak about religion or for that matter philosophy. It could I imagined be discussed in such a way. But that’s optional and even if that is proven to be true….I really don’t believe religion has anything to do with your insight.

If anything it is a pure thought.

Pure thoughts have to be approached carefully. You can’t jump in with two feet. It’s best to sit by the edge and watch it for a while.

The movement of how to awaken one’s inner consciousness is perhaps the most significant human revolution of our time. It is a quiet revolution in part due to so many people who are still sleep walking and living very dangerously unthinkingly….but since the logic that drives it is so powerful. It is perhaps the most transformational force that exist in the 21st century.

I don’t say this casually….only because the world continues to be mired by so many intractable conflicts ranging from chronic terrorism to the increasing polarisation of views…for the last two thousand years of mankinds history, he has looked outside himself to a leader to lead him out of this hubris….and that idea as I see it has failed.

Both Brexit and the nomination of Trump hit me very hard. Sure parallels might perhaps have existed between those events along side the Weimar Republic and the winter revolution of 1919 in Tsarist Russia. But on this occasion the divide is not premised on the differences of ideology or for that matter philosophy….of anything all this destructive irrationalism can only be attributable to the negligent failure by not governemts but individuals who continue to remain fast asleep.

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