An outsider

February 9, 2018

Being an outsider. A person who does not “fit in” with others or is rejected by them for whatever reason certainly makes life problematic, but it can also be a back door blessing as well… as it takes one out of the ego ride so completely that one has no choice but to look within oneself to discover strength….that is why in business, relationships and social interactions, be especially careful of people who are not afraid to stand as outsiders….as frequently, they don’t ever need to belong.


‘Whenever we are confronted with a difficult people and situations. We see it as something that we rather side step and avoid…that is another way of saying, we much prefer to stay within our comfort zone. And this is where the illusion begins…because if you train yourself ONLY to be calm and composed and conscious when you are cocooned in the comfort zone…then I say everything that I have tried so hard to share with you is utterly wasted!

Understand this! You can only be truly calm and composed and conscious when you can perform like wise in the discomfort zone.

And that is where the paradox of suffering comes in…we think suffering…facing up to hard times and seeing thru difficult task in life right to the very end is something that subtracts….but nothing can be further from the truth. As it adds to character…that is why when you come across men who can remain stoically strong and resolute and focussed under pressure…do not be fooled that this are qualities that he uploaded in his mind by watching a video on YouTube or reading a self improvement book or attending new creation church and listening to con man talk about free rides….this is all nonsense.

Strong men all have one thing in common – they have all been broken once. I don’t mean just broken in half…but broken in such a way that they are strewn all over the place like dust and eggshells…as it is only when the ego dies can a new man be reborn.’

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