The destructive nature of mankind

February 11, 2018

During the age of the sword, lard lamps, ivory dentures etc etc. Men such as I would wage war in the name of kings, Gods, prophets and the occasional idiot. Thereafter I will be given lands faraway from the capital…maybe they will put me in an island.

Men such as I would never be allowed to visit the cradle of civilization…it would be too dangerous.

I used to resent this…but as I journey deeper and deeper into my being.

I understand….maybe it is best that I stay away from the centre.


‘The idea of the conquering man is very appealing. As he is the man who is not afraid to go where other men fear to thread….that is how it seems at least. But because such a man is an emotional cripple who suffers from a delusional belief in his own imagined capabilities….he is not truly strong. That is why wherever this sort of man goes…he can only leave a wake of destruction and mayhem…the true man of strength however is quiet…he embodies the quiet confidence of someone who is emotionally and intellectually grounded. Although such a man may not be as theatrical and dramatic and exciting as the gung ho frontier man….he is nonetheless a much more sustainable person.’

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