Being inwardly steady

February 12, 2018

I usually meet my business rivals for breakfast in the beginning of every month. But for the last two months I have stopped going to these ‘friendly’ meet ups.

Is there a reason why?

Not really. I just feel that these meets no longer fulfill my Mission. That is to say I use it primarily as a means to gauge the danger level in order to manage risk intelligently….but the other side will also do this as well.

A total communication blackout is definitely very dangerous….as it can lead to an escalation of conflict based on misunderstandings….but my feel is this mood of cautiousness is not such a bad thing. As it will compel the other side to stop everything and simply observe…..observe what you may ask…nothing.

As I said, it’s all very quiet and that may well be why there’s a tight tension in the air like just before an electrical storm.


‘When you think long and hard about it….it’s not really life’s problems that has the capacity to push us over the edge. Rather it is us the emotional storm that is whipped up inside us while trying to get on top of these problems.

I think if you really want to judge a métier of a man – then put pressure on him and watch how he responds to it. Does he run around blaming everyone like a headless chicken? Or does he just proceed quietly and calmly…if he does the latter. Then you would do well to ask further….who taught him these things…where did he learn them….I think many people fail to do that. That is why very often they scale threats and opportunities incorrectly. They think it is like this or that, but it ends up like that and this and instead of their problems getting smaller and much more manageable, all they seem to do is make it even bigger and much more of a problem.’

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