Life & Stress

February 19, 2018

It is true. I certainly cannot control the people and events that will generate stressful conditions……that I have absolutely no power or control over.

But. I have full mastery over myself. That means I can control my responses and how I may or may not react to a stressful situation….I think that is all I can do.

It is very foolish and unrealistic to expect more than simply this.


‘Journeying deep into your being will always seem as if you are closing your doors to the world and retreating from it….but that is not true. What is actually an act of closing your doors to the world is when you choose to be part of a lie, that is to say….you choose with full knowledge aforesaid to collaborate to make that lie a reality in your life.

Many people do this. Some even do it on a regular basis every week where they get together with other liars and begin manufacturing their version of reality.

Sure it makes them all feel good…but it is a lie and there are all no closer to knowing who they truly are.’

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