Stress & Life

February 19, 2018

Many people have asked of me – why is it some souls retreat into the forest and wilderness far removed from the crowd and noise? Are they trying to avoid all forms of stress so as not to suffer?

The answer to that question is very simple. Retreating from the world is not the same as rejecting the world….if a man does all these things, it is only motivated to discover who he truly is so that he can be best prepared to deal with everything life throws at him….as I mentioned…retreating from the world is not the same as rejecting everything that is of this world.

If it is anything at all – it is merely a means for one find oneself in the world so as to get along with it as best one humanly can.


‘If you want to avoid stress in Singapore, it is very simple. All you have to do is go for Sunday service in either new creation or city harvest or any other prosperity church that is run by a bent pastor. What he will do is perform magic tricks such as make your POSB account lose a few zeros and after that you feel so very light….you will also feel very airy as well. As by the time these con artist have finished with you…all you will have is your underwear and pagoda undershirt.

Alternatively you can go to one of those relaxation holidays where they give you ten massages a day and where everyone is so nice and polite and every room is lit with incense sticks and bath in soft candle lights….but again that is not reality as no where in life will you ever find that sort of life holding itself as gainfully real.

Truth is there is no way to avoid stress in life. Because life is by its very nature stressful. We all go thru our fair human measure of stress…some have it better than others, but by and large we can all agree without too much difficulty to be gainfully part of the human condition, one has to first accept that life is intrinsically and elementally stressful.

But just because we know life is stressful…just because we know that on the scale of probabilities we are all likely to experienced the passing of a loved one, health issues, financial setbacks, upheavals in both our professional and personal life etc etc that doesn’t mean that we have been put here on this planet to nourish human suffering. Rather it simply means when we know who we genuinely are deep down…it makes it much easier for us to deal calmly and wisely with a stressful situation.

If you observe very effective people carefully….you will find that they are very calm and collected when everyone else is running around like headless chickens…..and this is where you must press the pause button and ask of yourself.

Is this the sort of person who believes that to life a purpose driven life one must avoid stress?

You will find that when you ask of yourself this question…it is suddenly such a stupid question and that is really the answer you have been searching for.’

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