Who will be the next prime minister of Singapore?

February 26, 2018

It is the very question itself that limits us to understanding the awful reality of our times. As within the four corners of such a question is the underlying assumption that all the answers to many of our questions resides in the power of one man. I do not doubt that formula may have worked well in the past….but today things are so very different and added to all these there are so many moving parts and its all so mind boggling complicated.

Against this background….maybe it is best or shall i venture to use the word prudent, to throw out the idea of one supreme leader as the relible means to move forward….as the answer can no longer be in the idea of one man. Rather it is in many many men.


‘I tell people this. You don’t succeed or fail because of fortune, luck, good or bad genes or for that even matter who your parents are or where were you standing when the first plane ploughed into the twin towers in New York. All that really only makes sense in the movies and paperback novels.

Truth is quite boring, mundane and plain unassuming and that could well be the main reason why so many people find it terribly difficult to buy into the idea of success and failure….so let me give it to you straight up. That’s to say I am not even going to dress it up…the naked truth that is…are you ready?

Here it comes….the only reason why you succeed is because you understand the way the world actually works and what needs to be done to increase your chances of success and decrease your probability of failure to zero and if you fail that is because others understand this calculus of success better than you!

That’s all it is….that’s all it will ever be for me.’

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