The spy who walked into a dead end

March 13, 2018

You would have thought that an ex colonel who double crossed his own side would have been more careful…now every former double agent from Odessa to Kiev will be scrambling to their new safe houses.

‘There are some things that one just doesnt talk about. Its like that final scene in La La land when Emma Stone chances on a jazz club and finds Ryan Gosling. Its a surreal moment. Because everyone. I mean everyone both the actors and the folk watching the scene, expect these two to hit off where they last left off. But nothing of the sort happens. Instead a cosy inderism narrative takes over and soon the audience is shuttled into this ‘what should have been’ storyline. That’s to say, that’s how it should have been…that’s the real story. She walking in with her husband and find the pianist…that all did not happen…its not real.

No words transpire between the Emma stone and Ryan Gosling….its like it never ever happened. What they once shared together. Only understand this. What’s really powerful and moving in this scene is not what is said. Rather what should be said, but prefers to be lie so very still like a sleeping dog.

Or maybe it all didn’t happen at all…and I think…sometimes that’s what is necessary. For one to pretend that it never happened for it all to just go right on as if it was all a figment of one’s imagination. Spies need to do that i reckon. They need too, otherwise they would take to the bottle or do themselves in with a revolver on a lonely night…they need to just watch the ghost of the past come right in and not say a word…or for that matter even blink.

That’s why I dont think many people really understand the ending of la la land.

How could they? Its written in an alphabet that they cant possibly read. The language of the shadows.’

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