Makes no sense….no sense at all.

March 14, 2018

Sergei Skripal used to play both sides. As a Russian military-intelligence officer, he is said to have been recruited by Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, M.I.6, in the 90’s at the height of the cold war.

In 2004, his cover was blown wide. By who no one knows. He was charged with treason, found guilty, sentenced to thirteen years in prison.

In 2010, he was released as part of a spy swap.

Skripal disappeared.

From 2004 to November 2010 he would have been debriefed so many times that he would literally be useless to both sides….there is no longer any strategic asset to colonel Skripal….so why do him and his daughter in…why do it in such James Bond manner…what after all is there to be gained.

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