The paradox of the daily rag

March 20, 2018

Someone told me recently the fortunes of SPH has been declining due to shrinking readership and lack of advertisers. I told this person, how can that be? After all we are told almost daily there is fake news all over…there is so much of it, we are all even tumbling and drowning in a deluge of fake news.

So if that is really the case…how is it possible that the paragon of the truth and nothing but the truth is in decline.

Does it even make sense at all?

Maybe this is a form of fake news!

‘The idea of the truth to some extent, not all I admit..will always be to some extent self selecting. The fact there exist some room to say, this is what it is and not what they say it is…is not a bad thing. Not at all. As that is really how one goes about defining one’s version of the truth. That is to say two people can see the same scene unfold, but you end up with two accounts which to all intends and purposes could just be black and white…now which of the two is the truthful version?

I say both…the problem is when someone somewhere who wields a big stick says, no, that one is the truth…the other is fake news!

And there you have it…the problem.’

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