Radio drama’s

March 22, 2018

Radio dramas and plays are very intricately crafted art pieces… if one takes the trouble to dwel on them. One would soon realize, they require as much finesse, imagination and elan as film making and writing…if not much more.

As radio dramas allows an ambition and scope that can’t always be achieved by other mediums of entertainment that is why it is often seen as the creche of theater and the modern film industry.

Regrettably radio dramas are in decline. Few people these days seem to have the patience to bear out their beauty any longer. Who can blame them. As when compared to the eye candy razmatazz of the audio visual and increasingly better sound quality offered by the internet, listening to radio plays seems positively lethargic… seems only those who live in the outer fringes and have to make do with rationed batteries and candle power can appreciate radio dramas…but that shouldnt come as a big surprise. After all, what else is there to do when it gets dark.

‘Its a story within a story. A story of cosy insiderism concerning the Nixon and kennedy presidential race.

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