Can fake news be stamped out like drugs?

March 28, 2018

No! The motivation to use fake to sway the masses can only be high to very high from this point onwards. As firstly it is very effective. Secondly it is incredibly cost competititve and finally since the skill cost of crafting fake news has gone down so low that virtually anyone these days with basic tools can more or less be a very competent editor of fake news.

This means from this point onwards irrepsective of what laws are out there. We are likely to get more and not less fake news.


‘To my understanding of warcraft, fake news in the hands of a professional is as deadly as a Austrian crafted snipers rifle, a stealth fighter or maybe a submarine that is as quiet as a table fan……in the hands of a highly trained professional it is what it is a formidable weapon. Fake news that is.

The reason why i feel the need to underscore the seriousness of fake news is that certain quarters have made it their life mission to misrepresent my views. I want to be clear and unambigious, fake news is a formidable weapon. That is why there is a need to inject reality into how to fight it and not simply wish it away by believing fairytales that it may just disappear if there are laws against it.

People who believe that laws are the answer, do not know the enemy. They dont even know they are buying into a war of attrition that they cannot even win.

Fake news is so effective and cost competitive that let me just give you my version of the Jane’s defence analysis….if lets say you wanted to effect regime change in the 90’s. You would probably need a listening post something like GCHQ or today’s PRISM. You need that because no one is just going to hand you the psychological profile of 50 million facebook users. That already puts you in the billion dollar intelligence club. Next you need a spy outfit where you probably require at least 10 very field agents who have actual experience in those theater of operations. You also need to dedicated military satellite. You may also need an aircraft carrier to stand by. As you also need a covert military team to eliminate any possible hard points. You need to have all the generals in your pay roll, especially the armoured divisions. You can get by without the air force or Navy, but to pull off a coup. You absolutely needs tanks on the streets. Otherwise there is no bang, its no bloody good. You also need to buy a TV and radio station and have at least three or four journalist that you can prime at a moments notice. You will need all these…that is the base line entry level, otherwise you are not even standing in the lobby of the regime change club.

Today to pull off the same regime change capper. All you need is multiple facebook accounts that are oeprating in five time zones any where in the world…a team of copy writers who are willing to work unusual hours in locations that keep changing cafe’s where they log in without asking to many inconvenient questions. You probably need photoshop software, but that is really optional only because there are so many frebbies out there. A couple of sim cards that you can just use once and not throw away. And you are good to go.

Only understand this! The people who do this. I am not talking about the kids who are motivated by sandbox politics or how many likes they are going to get in their facebook accounts. I am talking about very serious discipline professionals who understand the mission. These people are not going to be afraid of your stupid laws…the only to defeat them is to shore up the intelligence services.

So long as the pay outs remain high and the entry cost is dead low. There is no way to put an end to it…its like what the CIA tried to do with AK-47’s during the eighties. Someone in the not so intelligent military intelligence unit of the CIA figured out the best way to stop terrorist and insurgents was to stop AK-47s. So they all took a long look at this automatic, they had diagrams, schematics. They even identified all the key components like spring, firing pin, ejector etc etc. But they couldnt plug it despite managing to shut down so many factories. Because like i said, so long as the payouts remain high and the entry cost is dead low. There is no way to put an end to it.’

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