The creed

April 2, 2018

In the seventh edition of the purple bible. In the chapter known as the epoch of the voiceless in the great book of ages…..written when the internet was at its dawn.

It is written that they had come together with one goal to serve and protect the internet. Their leader had told them that a day will come when they will put her in chains……they were only children back then.

That was many many years ago… a game that only children played when the internet was still very much a baby.


Many years ago when the internet was just a child…

‘Do you all hear me! If you want a vision of a future just imagine a steel capped boot crushing her head…the internet. Now that is an idea as distant as the furtherest star from this planet…but it is inconceivable only because man of man’s lack of imagination as to how much of work, life and play as we know it will continue to migrate online.

I don’t believe that talking about rights even if they happen to be elemental in the nature is an effective way to keep the internet free…what should be done against what will have to come to past by virtue of the mathematics of necessity in the context of power and politics etc etc etc.

That might keep her safe and free. I say might only. And even then it is at best a fait. But the other way to do it is for some of us to rise above all of this perpetual talk shop and be corporatist. Not all of us will make it, many will fail, but those few who make it, they will be our great hope…only they will keep their grubby hands off her and keep her dignity and make sure she’s free. Because they will be able to move markets…create and destroy jobs…add or subtract from the bottom line of a nations GDP…Not all of us will make it. Many will fail, but those who do make it over the otherside…they will be our last hope for a better future.’

Two days ago somewhere in the city…in a large meeting room high above the city.

‘You must be the man they all call Darkness?’

‘You must really excuse me….(pause). You see no one has called me by that name for nearly fifteen years.’

‘There seems to be only two of us…maybe we are early?’


‘You know this may come across as rather funny to you….but so many years passed and we all grew up, got married, started families, ventured into business and thru that time. I thought it was just a game.’

‘Well you should be more careful of the games you choose to play then.’

‘Why Darkness?’

‘Well its not really always how you choose to play them that determines the final outcome. Sometimes, its how they play you that really matters.’

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