The Truce

April 4, 2018

Early this morning. I attended a meeting of landowners….again the 21 point agreement was presented to me. Again I studied it very carefully and after twelve minutes….when I realized nothing had changed. I told them all that I am unable to agree…when asked why.

I told them…you all only want to hear what you want to hear.

Someone mentioned as i walked out…this is war.

I told that man…i rather rule in hell than be ruled in heaven.

I will take my chances in the high seas.


‘Delusional power crazy people who believe they can control others should really consider taking up sailing or mountaineering. They should only because once they get into the thick of it…they would at some point realize, they are living in a culture entirely hypnotized by the illusion that everything and everyone in this world can be controlled.

Mountains and the seas have their own minds….soon one learns that even the best plans are at the mercy of the vagaries and caprice of the elements. The angry seas can be so frigthening whenever it towers over man like mountains. There the man is suddenly transfixed by his febbleness, his smallness and the hollowness of his words and how little his ideas really add up in the greater schem of things….Both the seas and mountains can strip a man bare right down to the ivory white of his bones. Till eventually he realizes that there never was, is, nor will there ever be such a thing as control. To talk and think with the idea of control somewhere in one’s head is quite impossible when one is alone sailing or climbing…to harbor such childish thoughts is to be out of touch with reality. To confuse the world as talked about, described, and measured with the world which actually is.

The wise never seek to control others…they dont need too.’

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