Ministerial committee on LKY’s house

April 5, 2018

If the ministerial committee to look into what to do with LKY’s house is going to be organized along the same vision and goals as the parliamentary committee which was set up to examine possible legislation to combat “fake news”….then it is best not to even have such a committee.

The catasthropic success of the select committee on false news merely confirmed everyone’s latent belief that government was not interested in soliciting the views of stakeholders. Instead of being a professional mission orientated outfit that kept religiously to the rigor of its terms of reference. The select committee came across as over bearing, manipulative and chronically tangential despite many who perservered to engage the committee in good faith. Instead they were railroaded by corsetted yes or no replies, insulted, harassed, threatened and misrepresented.

If its going to be that way better not proceed with the committee to look into what to do with LKY’s house….all it would really do is bring loads of grief.


‘If you hang a sign out before the public square that reads, seeking to understand X,Y or Z and you want to engage the public in a process of enquiry. But you start by laying ground rules where participants can only consider this and not that and demand that they only limit their answers to only yes or no and on top of that you treat them all like shit…dont be surprised one day should you hang a sign out again. No one will ever come. That’s maybe another way of saying, no one owes you a living.’

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