The origins of fake news

April 6, 2018

Nothing in Russia is ever real. You and I don’t realize this….but that is only because we don’t see things unfolding like a Russian from the inside out. We have to tendency to place our faith in the idea that the key to power is economic and technological strength….and now we may have even dabbled with the idea….providing we keep close to the kosher truth and nothing but the truth that would by itself be enough to insulate us from the malevolence and feral vagaries of the world.

But thinking like that is to deny the idea of what conditions created fake news. And this is where we come back to Russia again. Specifically Russia thru the eye of Putin. Russia’s economy is not big and they don’t really leverage enough on innovation to make serious money, but there’s one thing that Russians have always done exceedingly well and they have even led the world in that field and that is the psychology of power and politics.

Psychological warfare is essentially a Russian creature. One simply has to read Dostoevsky to understand how nuanced the Russian perspective of the mind can be….its multi layered and complex.

Throughout the Cold War, Russia was always better than any other spy ring when it came to infiltrating their enemies and dividing them. Rather than resorting to brute strenght, they would work quietly from behind the scene to undermine and eventually destroy. They excelled at turning people against each other.

The only reason why the soviet union collapsed was because they were lured by the west into a war of economics and technology that eventually led to attrition and the inevitable demiss of the soviet union – it was a material war of attrition.

After the epic collapse of the USSR. Putin himself blamed both Gorbachev and Yeltsin for being lured into this material conflict that could only have led to the demise of the Soviet empire. Thereafter we moved into a different world, a world of perpetual shifting perceptions defined not only by the internet, but how truths can be manufactured to fulfill the specific purpose of keeping the elites in power. The techniques which they used ironically had been sharpened not in the information technology era. Rather this arcanum was a throw back from the past that even predated the new digital world – it was the construct of information warfare that went back to the inception of the communist party.

Today no one really knows what is happening in Russia….or for that matter any where else in the whole wide world.

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