Global conspiracy of coffee barons

April 10, 2018

I happen to know a whole lot about growing coffee to know a scam when I come across one…these days due to the perenial failure of arabica coffee crops. The global conspiracist, the coffee traders and their apparachik co conspirators have been silently trying to brain wash consumers Robusta beans offer greater range of flavor and taste to Arabica beans….they, (the manipulators, who call themselves public relations consultants) accomplish this Byzantine feat by adding all kinds of shit into coffee that subtley alters the elemental flavor of coffee…everything from whipped cream, nuts to green tea….in five to ten years…no one will ever know what real coffee taste like…no one…bullshit lah!

From today onwards. I am going to set aside some land and grow my own fucking coffee!

Anyone who wants to buy from me is more than welcome to drop me a line.

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