Ling Ngau Tong

April 11, 2018

Many people have commented that I look very young despite my advanced vintage…that I must say is certainly very true. I don’t like to admit it – but it is what it is… One reason is because I much prefer soup to a full rice and meat meal. I usually start the day with a thermos of clear soup. Lunch is usually very light on the rice and meat, but I always make it a point to finish another thermos of soup.

I own two thermos that I fill up with soup every day without fail. I will usually cook my soup using a magic cooker just before I sleep, it is a thermal cooker, when I wake up…like magic, everything is good to go!

The recipe above is good to go! Just add a dried squid to bump up the flavor. If its a rainy day and cold, I usually lace it with a double brandy in the thermos to keep the chills away from my bones.

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