The end of the road

April 15, 2018

My relationship with some rival landowners has steadily deteriorated within the last two years. There seems to be no end to this expensive and protracted cold war.

The problem can be summed up as follows – they want me to conform to A,B and C. But since A,B and C makes as much sense as eating my boots….I dowan lah.

Cut to the chase. I have reconciled myself with what will have to come to past….within two years. I will be either gunned down, framed under trumped up charges or just end up dead.

That is life….


‘Back then when I was a kid. The thoughtware on autism was virtually non existent. Not even adults knew much about it. As for kids and their parents, they probably thought it was something like the common flu that could spread just being near to someone who behaved weird all the time. So i was never allowed to eat my lunch in the canteen like other boys. I had to settle for the yard….but one day it got so hot under the blazing sun that I thought maybe my nasi lemak would wash down easier with the help of some grape flavored fanta. So i sat down. Not long thereafter someone beat me up and this would happen for nearly a whole month. Till at some point everyone just left me alone PROVIDING i kept to this one table faraway from the rest. But the problem was this table had no fan and with just 30 cents to go around. I couldn’t drink fanta everyday only on alternats days. So i decided to move to a table underneath a fan and again some of the boys would beat the shit out of me and again this would go right on for a whole month. But eventually everyone left me be….so there is a moral to this story and it is simply this – if you dont take yourself seriously ,then the chances are…no one will take you seriously either and that whole process that I have just describe for lack of a better word will always be dangerous….that is why you have to be very mindful of men who choose to live dangerously.’

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