Making sense of what Zen really means

April 27, 2018

Man asked me – what is zen?

I told him, from my understanding of Zen it is like this…when you work, work. When you feel hungry, eat and when you sleep…sleep.

Man then asked, most people already do this. He then laughed and remarked…Zen is so easy.

I corrected him by drawing his attention to the reality most people rarely ever did as he claimed…most people are thinking about how to spend their time during the weekend or where they should have a holiday when they are at work. Most people dont just eat when they are hungry, most of them try very hard to make conversations and impress their colleagues…they are not just focussed on eating…if you dont believe just sit in a food court and watch. Neither do most people just sleep when they are tired. As they are thinking about one hundred things. So their sleep is very shallow and even if they manage eight hours in bed…they still feel tired and only partially rested.

I went to add, Zen only looks simple…but it is very very very complicated and hardly easy.

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