Dont scold the NP for doing a good job

April 28, 2018

There is a very misleading article in The Online Citizen concerning why trees in HDB’s are pruned. The primary reason is to ensure safety and the second reason is to keep the symmetry of the tree orderly so that when it grows older, it will blend in better with the prevailing architecture.

When the branches of a tree are not pruned regularly, what will happen is they might snap off, fall down and injure or kill people. By prunning the branches according to the instructions of the aborist, this ensures the tree grows in an orderly symmetry that is both safe and does not bang into buildings.

Maybe the NPB or HDB or both of them should spend more time explaining to the public what they are actually doing. As i can well understand how some people may get traumatised to see their shady trees ending up as botak.

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