Never be ashamed to work with your hands

April 28, 2018

…..because to be able to trust your hands to begin and complete a task to create a special thing…is something that not many people can do….because they do not fully trust their hands.

So you must take pride in that idea.


‘Farming is well known to be a profession that only dim witted folk amble into. I say it is well known because that is usually how it is depicted in our modern stream of consciousness thru the apparatus of mass assimilation in the form of movies, books and even parlance….and there lies the irony. Because when one thinks about it hard and long…it is not that farming, hawking or being a shoe shine is actually an undesirable profession…its just that maybe seven out of ten singaporean think that its far better to be a lawyer, doctor or architect rather than a farmer, hawker or shoe shiner…..that is why I always say, its best not to care too much what others think.

Many believe this sort of life advise is an endorsement for one to be obnoxious, anti social and arrogant…but it is actually the reverse, it is to be sensitive and to take pride in one’s ability to craft a view that belongs totally to one and not simply go with what others may think about this or that job…..I realized. I dont have to see farming like most people…I have a chouce to see it as a beautiful way of life…and most importantly take exceptional pride in being a farmer …so while people are free to think and say whatever they want to say about how I have choosen to live my life…I dont have to be part of their reality because I have my reality that is far more important and meaningful to me….if more people realized this early on in life. My feel is they would not need to suffer unnecessarily or beat themselves up so often.’

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