Body ink

April 29, 2018

Its Sunday in the plantation…I am just hanging loose with the dogs. I like to drink Sailor Jerry rum. I dont like to drink with people…I much prefer to get drunk all by myself smack in the middle of the jungle. When I get really drunk. I make a big fire and dance around it like a red indian. Fortunately my nearest neighbor is a good five miles away.

I especially like Sailor Jerry rum. Its a brand of liquor that is very closely associated with the tatoo tribe.

Sailor Jerry rum is quirky brand…it has this nooks and crannies culture very much like how one would notice new details on tattooes such as the inside of the paper label will reveal another tatoo girl once the drink is finished.

I dont have a single tatoo on my body…but i am never afraid to go into the tatoo tribe and see the beauty of their culture.

In life it is like that…once you understand how the other half live and what makes them tick…then you realise they cant be so different from you and with that comes respect.

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