BBC Radio plays

May 31, 2018

I like listening to radio plays during the evenings in the plantations. Radio suits me best. As I can work on things whenever I listen to the radio. I usually sew, patch up wounds on the dogs, paint shoes or just tinker with things whenever I listen to the radio in the evenings.

    ‘I think the people of Singapore, like the people in Malaysia, must be tired of having the same government, the same party since independence.’


    If one cannot even take this type of rhetorical statement with a cool and mature attitude. But instead one chooses to behave like a spoilt petulant child. Then it is best not to talk about politics at all.

    Because whether you like it or not…every country is politically, economically, culturally, technologically and socially intertwined with other countries. In this globalized world…it is, what it is. If you want proof all you have to do is ask yourself whether property prices around Jurong Lake will begin to soften considerably after the HSR project is cancelled. So it is very stupid to insist that others should not have the right to talk about your turf.

    Want to do stupid things like lick radium and shoot yourself in the head. Go ahead, but I dont think you should use the good name of the Singapore blogosphere.

    I may well be autistic, but fortunately I am not stupid like some people who claim that mahathir has such thing as magical powers to interfere with Singapore politics.


    ‘In this world. You have no right whatsoever to control anyone, not if all they are doing is voicing out their personal opinion on their various objects of interest. Providing what they say is not incendiary or meant to provoke schism or magnify divides…then you have no right whatsoever to control anyone. All you can really hope to do is exercise control over yourself. As how you choose to react to these statements can either make or do you in like nine inch coffin nails!

    Truth is people will always interfere….not only with your politics, but also your privacy along with ten other things that you believe they have no right to interefere with! And let me share with you something that your mama and papa probably didnt share with you that is even stranger, they will interfere with your life, even when they are not interfering!

    Dont believe me! OK. Look at how they are interfering without really interfering from everything to the economy to even the national security of Singapore!

    High-speed rail project between Singapore and Malaysia that’s toast. I am so very sorry, but that’s economic interference whether you like it not. As it will have an adverse impact on the Jurong Lake District doesnt matter how the ministry of propaganda spins this one…it is what it is!

    But there also exist other forms of subtle interference by virtue of the historical changes that is canaling thru Malaysia….a sort of interference that is even more pervasive than outright interference itself. Because it will raise a pheltora of inconvenient questions in your brain.

    Yes they are interfering with your thought processes now!

    As even when we speak, the new government in Malaysia is planning to review a slew of controversial laws that were deemed by civil society to be draconian, heavy handed and authoritarian. They range from everything to the Printing Presses and Publication Act to the Sedition Act, and even the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act.

    Singapore has similar laws governing the media, public assemblies, sedition, and detention without trial. The PAP government has often justified these laws as necessary for national security and stability and whenever they are pressed, they even take comfort in the sobriquet statement, ‘we are not the only one who has these laws!’

    Now the new neighbours who have moved in are saying these laws are not even fit for animals! They are unsuitable as they are a bligh on human rights. They are unnecessary. They should be repealed. So you have a reverso situation happening between Malaysia and Singapore, like while Malaysia is moving to repeal everythign from their Anti-Fake News Act to GST…while the Singapore Government is looking to introduce legislation of the sort along with ramping up the GST.

    Always bear in mind! I am not saying all this. All this is happening in stereo and in the marvellous completion of technicolor…yes, they are bloody interfering even if they are not interfering and neither you or I can stop people from going about their lives….besides at some point…the average Singapore is going to ask, why cant i have the same things as those Malaysians?

    Now if that happens what are you going to do then! You’re going to build a wall, fill the moat with piranhas, bar everyone from Malaysia?


    So as you can see for yourself interference is happening all over the place. Only a bloody fool will try to what others say or think these days…they might as well go and plough the sea.’

Dear Sky

May 30, 2018

While it may appear to make perfect sense for Mahathir to shave off Malaysia’s run away train deficit. Maybe the answer is not in cancelling an important link between two of South East Asia’s biggest cities.

High speed rail linkages between cities and how they can generate synergistic energy has proven to be a very technically reliable and economically robust model. Nice and Paris…Tokyo and Japan…Ulan bator and Beijing etc etc. Even Iran is tinkering with the Tehran–Qom–Isfahan HSR.

The reason why the HSR is a matter of strategic importance for Singapore goes beyond how this project will revivify Jurong. In my assessment that is only a sidedish. There is the more important geo economic dimension and it is simply this, Singapore will be a terminus for OBOR south of the ismuth of the Peninsula. Many people are wrong when they think the HSR ends only in Bandar Malaysia in KL, it can and will in all likelihood extend beyond Malaysia.

Without the HSR….Singapore does not even feature in OBOR…it is cut off.

The recent revelation of Malaysia’s RM 1 trillion debt does indeed warrant a call for a reassessment of all mega projects. However, the smart thing to do now is not for Malaysia to scrap the plan but to see whether there are areas to further mitigate the cost with innovative financial insturments that will hopefully come from the private sector.

This is certainly a crisis. But it is not one that cannot be negotiated in such a way where Singapore will lose just because Mahathir believes the best way to move forward in Malaysia is to go backwards!


‘Every effort should be made to save the situation. 4G leaders running to be the next Singapore PM should be getting on their bikes and heading to Putrajaya Malaysia to try to save the situation. That at least is what leadership is all about….it is not about pretending that life is normal or even deliberately making an effort to avoid the only elephant in the room.’

Q: The other guilds besides the IMG have asked – why is there so much concerntrated effort to find out what will happen in the new Malaysia?

A: I can understand why the other cosca’s feel the need to ask this question. Allow me to just say this, the motto of the Interspacing Metal Guilds goes as such, those who can see the future will control the course of history. For 2,000 space years this has essentially being the raison of the IMG. Now if anyone feels that all this focus on Malaysia is a great diffusion of energy. That is merely their opinion. All I have to say is some people dont see it that way. Allow me to explain succintly. If let us say you happen to have invested $1 million in any company listed in the KLSE which has links to Najib, UMNO or BN. Today half of that capitalised value has been wiped out in the stock market. The bursa saham. Now let us assume you have reliable information just the day before the polls that BN will lose. And should you sell your entire BN portfolio of shares and bought firms linked to Mahathir or PH, that would roughly double your money. We are not talking months or even years. This is merely days and hours. So Kompf, you are smart. I am sure you can juxtapose what i have said to an infinite variety of scenarios everything from whether the HSR project will still end in Singapore and increase real estate prices from Boon Lay to red hill to whether the TPP will take off or crash.

Q: Many people are perplex as to why you seem to regard the PH win with such negativity. It is as if you much preferred BN to be in power.

A: The short answer is that Malaysia is not out of the woods yet. Is the rakyat happy that Najib & Co has been booted out. Yes. But Kompf the public cannot be trusted to make good and sensible decisions. What is disturbing to me at so many levels is how so few think tanks, journalist and even analyst have consistently failed to factor in Mahathir’s election victory was in a very part premised on the populist pledges to scrap Malaysia’s new goods and services tax (GST) and to bring back the subsidies from gas to cooking oil. Naturally these pledges are popular with voters, but they dont necessarily make sense. Neither are they sound and sensible promises either. Not when you consider how consumption tax and putting an end to subsidies was made specifically to strengthen Malaysia’s public finances, cutting its fiscal deficit and broadening its revenue base.

Q: I am sorry to interrupt you…but what is wrong with the rakyat being happy (cut off)

A: If you are really sorry to interrupt me. Then dont interrupt me. What is wrong with the rakyat being happy? Happiness doesnt maketh an economy or for that matter add or subtract from the wealth of a nation. Besides you have not being listening to me. People dont have good decisions. Again let us ask the question. This time just to indulge you Kompf. Are they happy? Yes I imagine they are. But why are they happy Kompf.

For one you can say the rakyat sees it as big time pay back day. So they feel that justice has been done and a wrong has been righted.

But what you need to understand is that even if they eventually put Najib & Co away for ten good years that doesnt alter the fact, the Malaysian economy is currently in a very precarious position. It has been in the danger zone in my considered and studied opinion for the last four years. When you look around the asean neighborhood. You will find that virtually every single country in the region has figured out its strenghts and weakness to put all its chips on a niche inorder to reap the economy of scale of skill specialisation. Singapore is a finance cum shipping hub and its growing new nodes with its bilateral g to g free trade agreements; Thailand have put all their tom yam into being the new detroit of Asia; Vietnam means to conquer the high streets with quality and cost competitive OEM garments. Even Bangladesh has grand plans to be the Amsterdam of the Indian ocean by focussing on shipping and port facilities. But tell me what is the next big thing for Malaysia?

The biscuit tin is empty. Except maybe to depend on oil. And we all know very well that is a sunset sector. Even the Arabs these days are considering nuclear to generate electricity.

Kompf that is why it is very sad for me. I see all these things so very clearly. Perhaps clearer than anyone else. I may well be autistic, but I am uncannily good at connecting the dots.

Truth is like this Kompf, look around. You see smiling faces now. The mood is euphoric even with bubbles of optimism. But all this will not last Kompf.

It will not.

Q: Many Singaporeans believe that what happens in Malaysia will have absolutely no impact on their lives. Do you believe this to be true?

A: These are very stupid people. My advice is avoid these category of people because if you dont take my advice and continue to mix with them. Your brain will shrink to a size of a pea. By every conceivable definition, Malaysia will always be important to Singapore by virtue of proximity and shared culture. I dont know how to explain this except to say let us say if the high speed rail from KL to Singapore is cancelled. Just imagine how this would impact not only how people move from A to B from a transmigration standpoint, but there will also be significant shifts in how skills and labor will move around the region and all this will ultimately have an impact on the wealth of a nation. So if Singaporeans believe they can consign what happens in Malaysia to a shoebox and slide it under their bed. I say these are very stupid people.

The difference between us and them is this. If a lecturer in NTU or the LKY school makes a wrong call. He can still go to work on Monday. But if we get it wrong, then it will affect livelihoods and you could even say we will be set back considerably. So we always need to be spot on. We are not like the Singapore government where if they get it all wrong, they can just pretend that it was not really important and appear to move right on.

Q: What do you think about the HSR from KL to Singapore?

A: On the 3rd of this month. I told everyone the probability of it going thru on the PH win was nil. I see no compelling reason to alter my summary.

Q: You mentioned it is a ‘good thing’ when political parties lose. As defeat will provide them with the impetus to effect beneficial change. If the PAP loses power do you see this as a good thing for Singapore?

A: Of course the people who are in the PAP boat will say this fellow is just a no hoper farmer what does he know. They might probably tell everyone if the PAP is not re-elected then the sun will not rise tomorrow and shortly thereafter the axis of the earth will go out of synch.

But Kompf this is something that I have spent alot of time studying for many years. When we speak about the whole dynamics of rise and fall. I dont see it as necessarily a bad thing. Take for example what is currently happening in BN in Malaysia. They have to suddenly shift gears from being the driver to a passenger, they are now the dominant de facto opposition. But within that process it also involves soul searching, reconciliation and introspection. To me these are not bad things. Because if they are done right BN will emerge as a leaner and better outfit.

When they were on top. BN was very flabby. They were all living in their make belief ivory towers. And worst of all they never ever conceived the idea that they could ever lose. They just took it for granted that if they continued to give out mattresses and slippers, those country bumpkins in the kampung would jist support them like the always used too. In other words they became unhinged from reality.

Q: Do you see PH going down the same path as BN one day and what might be the best way to insulate against the rot?

A: For the time being many of the leaders including Mahathir himself seem to be very sensitive to certain constitutional elemental rights and protocols like separation of powers along with the whole idea of independence of the judiciary etc etc. One can perhaps draw the conclusion one compelling reason that accounts why Mahathir & Co seems to be a changed man today has in part to do with how they were regularly victimised by the organs of the state when BN was in power. BN culture was so corrosive there was actually no delienation between the legislature and executive. They were considered one of the same reality. So it is good today to see politicians who appreciate the idea of separation of powers. Unfortunately it seems for them to really gain an indepth appreciation why these constitutional aspects are so important, they might first need to be victimized by the organs of the state.

Q: What is the best way to stop the rot from within?

A: Everything needs checks and balances. If you look at the American bill of rights charter for example, you will find that certain elemental rights are enshrined. Freedom of speech for example. That is because the founding fathers realized that if these specific rights are not put into the equivalent of a cookie jar and stored on the highest shelf. Then whenever conditions arise to set aside these rights be in the name of national security or to save the whales. The politicians will get their grubby hands on it. That incidentally is why this whole idea of the fake news law is so divisive and controversial. Because it is widely perceived to be attempt to put a policeman into everyone head.

But coming back to your question. The best checks and balances for every government of the day is the quality of the opposition. That incidentally is the difference between a statesman and a cheap politician. The latter sees the opposition as a road block that has to be harried, discredited and creamed. The former see the opposition in terms of a symbiotic relationship that acts as truses to keep the party political process nimble, tight and sharp.

The irony is if BN nurtured such a symbiotic relationship with the opposition instead perpetually hassling them no end with the organs of the state, they might very well be still be in power today.

Q: So am I right to say that you dont want to see the demise of BN?

A: No! Because if BN is a dead duck and you only have PH. Given time what will eventually happen is that PH will just be a V.2 of BN, warts and all. Eventually every political outfit without credible checks and balances will be corrupted by power.

Besides there are plenty of Malay intelligensia in UMNO who can give PH a run for their money. khairy Jamalludin and Hishamuddin, these are just a few very thoughtful people worth mentioning and if they play their cards right they might regain lost ground in the next GE. Yes UMNO has many useless hanger ons, but you must understand it is not a spent force, it was the single individual party that still garnered the highest number of votes in GE14.

Freaky weather

May 27, 2018

Its now very late into May. The winds have shifted. That’s normal. But what I really dont understand is….where is all this rain coming from?

The dry season should be right on top right now….but its still raining cats and dogs.

That can be very very problematic as in farming, there is actually such a thing as too much rain.

Q: Do you see a Trump visit to Malaysia and touching base with Mahathir in the cards?

A: I dont know whether its in the cards or not. But what cannot be elided is the PH’s recent win over BN is historical. This is not only a simple win. It should be seen in relation to the political landscape in the rest of South East Asia and possibly beyond. As in the last ten years, there has been a pronounce hardening on the part of governments to human rights and freedom advocates. This is across the board from Cambodia where journalist who dont tow the line of officialdom are summarily jailed to Thailaind where there seems to be no end to Junta rule and closer to home in Singapore, you have delusional parliamentarians who believe it is perfectly reasonable to gril respondents for their imaginary fake news laws for hours at end.

So what we can see is a patent disregard for what is decent, right and reasonable. I just happen to think if the US is really genuine about taking a stake in making people and planet better. They should consider dropping into Kuala Lumpur. That I feel would convey a percautionary message to authoritarian governments in the region.

Q: You have mentioned in the past that you consider the Parliamentary Committee on fake news in Singapore to be a farce. Why?

A: Because the parliamentarians to me at least, seem least interested to gather intelligence, opinions and feedback to make better decisions concerning the merits and demerits of passing a fake news bill. You must understand. This is the impression I gather from their line of questioning. They seem to be more intrested in showcasing how loyal they are to the memory of LKY along with asking only non value added yes or no type questions. I for one cannot see what possible value that may add to their knowledge base concerning fake news. Maybe what they are trying to do is create an impression of consensus, where they can hope to reference what this or that person once said. So to me they made a mockery of themselves and the whole process as this had nothing to do with their published terms of reference. Of course I stand to be corrected as always. But this is the impression that I as a low IQ farmer gathered.

Q: Would you in any way like to add or retract any statement that you have made concerning the parliamentary committee on fake news.

A: No. I stand by what I have said. If they dont like it. They can commence legal proceedings against me. I have plently of land and my standard living happens to be very modest. So even if I happen to lose. I dont think that it would radically affect my standard of living.

Q: You have mentioned that what had recently happened in Malaysia is historical. Do you see any short comings in the current government?

A: They are not moving fast enough on sending a clear message that it doesnt pay for public servants and politicians to be corrupt. At this late stage of the game the rot is already chronic. So what is required must be very sharp and shocking action. but as it is. It seems the wheels of justice seems to be moving in slow motion.

Q: What would you do?

A: Malaysia has many islands, i would direct the surveyor general to gazette the top five obscure islands as concerntration camps. Of course I will not call them that. I would market these retreats as happy homes or new horizon retreats. Pack off all these corrupt officials and their families. You get the drift lah.

Q: I assume that you believe mahathir should take a harder line?

A: Yes. As it is. Its no good. What you need to understand is culture of corruption has seeped right into the marrow of the bones of the executive. Not many people have faith in even basic institutions such as the police or judiciary any longer. As these institutions have degraded to such a point where they are no longer seen to be reliable or trustworthy any longer. So for confidence to be restored very radical counter measures are required. One that in my personal opinion may even require Mahathir to be a dictator again.

Q: How would this whole idea that is your political theory sit alongside public opinion?

A: It cannot sit well. Because firstly the public does not have an accurate appraisal of the scale of the corruption problem in Malaysia. They are very fixated on Najib & Ali Baba Co. But to me the problem is at a systematic level where it threatens the very idea of not only processes but even the formation of the new government itself – what is required is firm and decisive action that in certain cases may even come across as draconion. My fear is most Malaysians do not seem to appreciate these operational realities.

Q: Does operation coldstore fall into the category of executive actions you consider to be ‘operational realities.’

A: Yes. i have always maintained that to be case. However that doesnt mean for one moment it was the moral or right thing to do. But it was necessary and even a strategic precondition if the imperative is to seed the foundations of a new nation.

Q: I dont understand. On one hand you say it is not moral. Yet you assert it is neccesary or in your own words a strategic precondition. How does it all square off?

A: It have to square off. Not for how I choose to make the calculations at least. You seem to need to reconcile it, but I dont see the urgency or contradiction. Not at all. I can live with that dichotomoty of black and white, evil and good. As I see only the goal. Let me explain it in this way. Did you know. I never called myself darkness. That is a moniker that was given to me. It all began in the great game we all once played. In the reign of Pandishah IX. I was the commander of the Northern forces in the mineral rich planet of Sardonyx. We had been fighting the Aryanians for over fifty space years. This great conflict was known as the ascension wars. It lasted about two earth years. You must understand I had lost many divisions and when one dies in a game it is not so different from the real world. Everything get erased and like snakes and ladders you go right back to square number 1. One day I managed to encircle them all, the whole lot of them, all 31 divisions. Shortly thereafter a message capsule which was designated for me originating from the Council read as such, I would have to abide by the Arullian Protocal, the Geneva Conventions. I disregarded the message. I made some excuse. Thereafter I proceeded to send in the Totenkopf and Sardokhan to cleanse us all from the menace. During the three days of massacre. I had disabled all the sat com. You see I knew that if I let them go. They would come back again. And they would kill us.

Kompf. I knew the consequences. I knew that what I was doing was wrong. So wrong that I may even be evil. And I knew what would happen thereafter. But you have to see it from my position. I had served the fifth, sixth and the seventh republic as a loyal soldier. I knew what would happen if i let them go this time. More would come and the line cant possibly hold the next time. The politicians back in Primus could never understand that sort of calculations, it was too horrendous and unimaginable for them to even contemplate what I once did. They just saw it as a sin, but that was because they did not understand the complexity of politics and power and the resolve needed to bring these polarties into balance. But I understood. I could even understand the depths of its finality.

When I returned. i was publicly humiliated, stripped off my rank and position and branded a common criminal. I would from thence forth go by the name of Darkness…the destroyer of the planets. So feared was my name that entire galaxies would ne safe just on account of the rumour that they have my favor. No one spoke to me. I was considered an outcast.

But for 3,000 space years, the Aryanians never ever set foot on the mineral rich planet of Sardonyx again.

As I said. I was a loyal servant soldier of the seventh republic. You know Kompf. There are times when I wake up in the middle of the night. Like around three or four. Its what I call the straggling period, its nowhere actually. Not near the dead of night or dawn, just smack right in the middle and I do think, what if all this happened in real life would I do the same thing.

You know what Kompf you would be very surprised by the answer.

Q: Do you consider what is happening now in Malaysia a good or bad thing and how might this all impact Singapore?

A: Its very early days. But it is always good when the once high and mighty BN is brought down to ground zero. Now they have to adjust to being a credible opposition and this means they would need to radically hardwire their ideology along with code of conduct etc etc. It will not be easy going for the new BN. As this time round they will have to live with all the constraints that the opposition had to endure. But it will be good. Because that sort of pressure is necessary and it would hopefully shape a better culture for a much leaner and responsive political outfit.

Q: Do you see the same thing that happened to BN happening to PAP?

A: Kompf. I dont particularly like the way you structure your questions. Because they are ineffect leading questions that assume if BN loses that means its the end. My point is its conceivable this is how politics and power actually evolves and even matures to add value to society. The only reason why it doesnt seem this way is because most Malaysians have only known life under the aegis of BN. Just as most Singaporeans have only known life under the PAP. My point is, this mental conditioning is essentially an acquired taste. Its not natural. Because if you ask how does a hegemony or oligrachy evolve to get better. At some point in the discussion you can never run away from the subject of destruction, specifically class destruction. If for example commodore Perry did not suddenly and unexpectedly appear with his gun boat in the bay of Japan, then there would have been no impetus to destroy the Samurai class along with their moribund code. That is to say if you look at how society actually perpetuates itself, a big part of the motivation or shall I say the catalyst always involves a form of creative destruction or disruption. Of course if you share this theory of politics and power with any politician, he will tell you. Hello if you kick us out of power, the sun will not rise tomorrow etc etc. But that is what politicians always do. They are very good at selling the very idea of fear associated with change itself. So most people are by nature adverse to change and they stick to what they know. This is how politicians have always stayed in power since recorded history.

Q: What do you see as the greatest threat to PAP now, is it WP?

A: No. The process of self destruction always begins from within. It is unnecessary to read the rise and fall of empires. All you have to do is watch that movie. Aliens. You know the one where monster chews its way from the inside out of some poor sods stomach and comes right out and after that everyone dies. The process of political demise is like that lah. The rot always starts from within. This is especially true of BN. All the signs of the end times were there, the decadence of money politics, the cult of materialism, elitism. When people spoke up. They were throwb into jail, threatenwd , intimidated and silenced till eventually there was no one to raise red flags any longer. Only the apparachiks of parvenus and men who have never ever known the sweat of hard and honest work and these are very unreliable sources to inform the party leadership what is really happening at grassroot levels. You could even say in the BN culture it doesnt pay for anyone to tell the truth.

My point is when the end comes, it will come from within and not from external factors. This rule is so robust that it is virtually axiomatic.

If the rich and influential do not see any compelling reason to buy into a code a conduct. Then it is quite nonsensical to talk about an egalitarian or for that matter even a truly meritocratic society.

It is abit like talking about fruit cakes without once mentioning raisins. Or discussing Paris without ever once mentioning the Eiffel tower.

Q: It seems like you are very favorable to Anwar Ibrahim being elected as PM of Malaysia. There have been many occasions when you have praised his suitability for this post. What is the main reasons for your confidence?

A: I have never ever said that Anwar will make the perfect PM for Malaysia. This is fake news. There is a very good reason for this – I don’t know what Anwar stands for. He has been out of the political circuit for over twenty years and during that time in the wilderness there has been endless speculation concerning his position on this and that. To be honest I dont believe anyone knows either.

Having said all that what I am prepared to concede is this. I have indeed praised his suitability for the post of PM and that is because I consider jail time to be a necessary precondition to be a good prime minister.

Q: Why do you ascribe such a premium to jail time and the job of the PM?

A: No need to talk so much. Want the next perfect PM for Singapore. Very simple. Throw the list of potentials: Heng Swee Keat, Chan Chun Sing and Ong Ye Kung into jail for three years with one year in solitary confinement. At the end of it all, I can more or less guarantee 100%, you will end up with the perfect PM for Singapore and Singaporeans.

Q: Why is it so important for you to find out who Anwar is?

A: There are two camps here. The first are still in cloud 9. We suspect they will be there for a very long time. This category of people believe all the problems Malaysia may have once faced will magically melt like lemon drops and they may even entertain the valecditorian belief from this point onwards good has triumph over evil and that can only end happily ever after.

There is however another camp. Men who hide in the shadows. These category of folk understand only too well that this is not the end as it is a beginning. It is a beginning that can go very wrong. Let me give you a few examples, before all this Malaysia was barelling head long into islamification or arabification. The ruling party had formed an alliance with PAS, syariah and possibly hudud was in the cards. Do you Kompf for one moment believe, the momentum for all this will suddenly dissipate? And what about identity or race politics, will that disappear overnight? Or for that matter those in the provinces who have traditionally supported BN but on this occasion voted for PH, will there be a gap between yearning and desire amongst these category of voters? So as you can see things are hardly clear cut.

Trust me when I say, we are not out of the woods yet.

Q: Recently Bloomberg asked whether Anwar would repeal the affirmative-action rules once he becomes premier, Mr Anwar said he would “honour the guarantees” for ethnic Malays as set out in the constitution. Do you see this as parti keadilan U turn on creating a more equitable society based on meritocracy?

A: I have always maintained there is no intelligent way to eliminate identity or race politics in Malaysia. This will always be an indelible feature of the political scene in Malaysia. One part that accounts for this is demographics, the other is how the different races are clumped together, the malays being in the kampungs and the chinese and Indians in towns and cities. So I dont see how race based politics can be completely eliminated in Malaysia.

Is this a U turn by Anwar? I dont know. As I mentioned he has been out in the wilderness for so long, its very hard to gauge his position. To be fair, one should give him and his party leadership some settling in time before it is possible to point to this or that and say definitively, this is their position that is not. As it is, its too early in the game to tell.

Q: Why do you think Anwar has decided not to take a proactive ministerial role in PH?

A: I dont know. As I said we need time.

Q: How will you go about finding out?

A: What books does he read on a regular basis? Anwar has been invited to speak in Universities. We will have to see from there.

Q: I need to press on with a question that I have asked. This is a special request from the guilds – Why do you think Anwar has decided not to take a proactive ministerial role in PH?

A: There are several possible reasons – the first is Anwar doesnt want to create any reason for Mahathir to renege from the deal of appointing him as PM after one or two years.

The second is Anwar doesnt want to be part of Mahathir myth making machine. Mahathir has sold himself as a saviour to Malaysians. But for this perceptive shift to be convincing, he has to make things look from bad to worse. Especially the economy. The irony is under Najib, all the right things were done. As I mentioned previously GST is the right way to go given the small revenue base and over dependence of commodities and oil.

The third reason is Anwar wants to create his own power base. And this he can only do if he is not widely perceived to be in alignment with either PH or Mahathir. What you need to understand is BN may well be a dead duck, but UMNO is very much kicking and alive. It was the single individual party that still managed to garner the highest number of votes despite losing. So dont let people sell you the idea BN or UMNO is kaput. Currently if you look at what is happening in UMNO, they are leaderless, there is a power vacumm there that can be exploited. Because many in UMNO now have good reasons to fear the new darth vader mahathir administration.

So as it is. There is alot motivation along with scope for improvisation and negotiations. The way I see it. Everything is on table and open to negotiations. This is the first time this has happened in the Malaysian political scene. So hold on anything can happen.

Q: Who do you think Malaysians supported Anwar or Mahathir?

A: Who I believe the voters backed is quite irrelevant. What you need to understand is Parti Keadilan firmly believe without Anwar chipping away all these years, there would be no such thing as a second merdeka. But no one can deny Mahathir was certainly the man of the hour. He was certainly the man who brought it all full circle and home.

If you ask me, that has to be very hard on Anwar. Because all these years he’s been fighting relentlessly in the wilderness and paying the price day in and day out, but when it comes to the ticker parade, its the other man who gets all the glory.

On whisky

May 20, 2018

I do enjoy a straight whisky in the evening. It doesnt have to be single malt or even super duper branded expensive…to be quite frank red label will do very nicely. But it has to be served up right and proper.

On the road

May 20, 2018

When Marcos & Co was deposed by people power and the mob stormed Malacanang palace and discovered the infamous 1,000 shoes of Imelda Marcos…the ex first lady insisted that she was the patron saint of the Philipino shoe making trade and the only reason why she had such an extensive shoe collection had everything to do with promoting local handicrafts and nothing to do with greed……….but what excuse does the wife of Najib have with so many high priced Birkin Hermes bags?


Everyone can now proceed to kill the policeman in their head and speak out. To censure. To question. To demand answers.


‘Malaysians are like exiled Palestinians and Iranians. Many remain abroad, but after this. Many will begin to return to rebuild their country.’

Will turn on only one factor. Is it possible to get Jho Low to come back to Malaysia and testify. If the answer is no, the best the authorities have is a half baked case, it will stick…..but it will not hold.

And that if you must know is the beginning and end of the story…but tell me why would Jho Low come back?

The data stream is still there. We will find you and I promise you. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR PENSION! Doesnt matter where you take cover Malaysia or Singapore. What is important is every day when you wake up and just before you sleep….I will pop into your mind…always remember, you will lose your pension because of what you did.

You only think no one can trace it all back to you…but you forgot the data stream is still there, it cannot be erased.

You know who I am…If I were you. i would run me over with tractor or put a bullet in my head!

We will come after I swear on all the lives of my sons! We will win!

Q: Many have criticsed Mahathir for perpetuating identity politics in Malaysia. Do you see a day when Malaysia will ever move away from identity politics to something resembling what we see in Singapore?

A: By identity politics. I presume Kompf, what you actually mean to convey in a politically correct context is race based politics. So what you actually mean to ask is why is Mahathir’s Parti bersatu Pribumi exclusively for Malays. Why cant a Chinese or indian join his party etc etc.

So what you actually mean to ask of me is this right or wrong. Is it good in the long term. Am I correct?

Q: Yes.

A: Next time just ask a question plainly. Dont try to come across as a politically correct ST or mediacorp journalist. Because once you put a policemam in your head, you will no longer make sense to either others or yourself…just be yourself Kompf.

The way I see it, identity politics will always feature in the political scenery only because there will always be a duality in the collective consciousness of Malaysia. At one end of the spectrum, you have the urbanites who are well travelled, western educated and cosmopolitan in their worldview. But you must also appreciate that most of them are Chinese. Then at the other end. You have the heartlanders who reside in the Kampung and over there their worldview is more conservative and parochial.

Even in the 14th GE. UMNO has captured more seats as an individual party. This illustrates that as far as the kampung constituencies are concerned, UMNO is still a force to be reckoned with. It may have gone thru a bad mauling, but it is definitely not a kaput case politically. This reality may well be conveniently elided by the sophisticated urbanites. But to anyone who is a political strategist, they cannot ignore it and this recognition is what accounts for identity politics in Malaysia.

Whether people like to hear it or not. Race and religion is still very much an operational reality that cannot be ignored in Malaysia. For example recently Guan Eng the DAP rep in PH was appointed as the finance minister. PKR, Annuars camp protested. So as you can see race politics is very much part and parcel of the Malaysian political scene.

Q: Am I correct to say you dont see anything wrong about identity or what you term race politics. But how does this square off with the whole idea of meritocracy?

A: Look here. Don’t let stupid people pull you by the nose and tell you that identity politics is third world, provincial and insular. Because even in Singapore, you will find plenty of it. Ask yourself why so many cabinet ministers are either ex generals or civil servants. Now isnt that a form of identity based politics. In the US when Trump highlighted the latent tensions between blacks and whites and apparent crime riven foreigners. Again isnt this a form of identity based politics?

My point is you have to be very careful when you use this term. Because it is a hall of mirrors that can very easily lead you to an error of judgement. As too often, political correctness mask the seedier side of what politics has always been and will always be.

Q: So am I right to say, you do not see an all inclusive political strategy emerging from PH that is blind to either race or religion.

A: Let me put it this way. If any party goes about adopting that pie in the sky political strategy which you have just describe, they will not go very far and the reason is because it is conceivable identity politics has become such a dominant feature not only in Malaysia or Singapore or for that matter every country in this world of how the 21st century electorate makes sense of the known world along with supply a credible explanation on how and who he votes.

What I find five chili incredulous is even after Brexit and Trump, there are still denialist who continue to talk as if identity based politics is something that is yet to take root in the collective stream of consciousness. What these erudite derellict intellectuals dont realise is, that age of identity based politics has already presaged them like a bus that once came their way…they dont even realize it that is why they keep insisting on using future tense when they use that word, identity politics.

I on the otherhand see the world as it is, warts and all.

Who comes to power is a matter of profound indifference….the only thing that matters is whether you can work together….do not waste time.

Send emissaries now….do not delay as the crowd will build up soon and door will shut.


‘Early this morning with my hair slicked back, sporting mirror polished shoes, attired in my No.1 super razor sharp Zegna bush jacket I paid a courtesy visit to the PH candidate who won recently.

I had to wait a very long time as the line was incredibly long. Soon I deployed my 007 skills to enter the service entrance and cut the line.

When I presented her with a bunch of plastic lilacs. I could tell that she was initially taken aback….sensing the strain…I went on to add, my commitment to see you and your organization to succeed is eternal like these lilacs…you have my word….they are non bio degradable…UV resistant even washing machine proof…they will look fresh and beautiful forever like my commitment.

The lady smiled supremely.’

Q: What do you think is the primary concern of the newly minted government in Putrajaya? Will Najib be jailed soon?

A: In the greater scheme Najib to me has always been a red herring. A distraction. Scale and priority I believe is important and the question here is how does the new government go about balancing the federal deficit along with getting a handle on the macroeconomics of Malaysia.

Q: What do you see as the main economic challenges facing Malaysia?

A: In my personal assessment the Najib administration did an excellent job in trying to get a handle on the economy. I personally feel very little credit had been given to him on this area, but if you look at it in detail. Many of the economic policies Najib rolled out was historical, for example the ending of subsidise on staples has been around since Tunku Abdul Rahman that was done with. Another was the roll out of GST to hedge against fluctuations in oil and commodities. These measures certainly proved painful for the rakyat, but it in my opinion they were well thought out and necessary.

But now there is talk of scraping GST to removing toll for the use of interstate highways right down to renegotiating agreements on long term loans from China. At this point in time its very hard to say what is merely ‘invitation to treat’ statements made specifically to win votes and what might really be real.

I think a run in period would have to take place first and as time goes by all these that I have mentioned will get clearer.

Q: What is the consequences if the newly minted government doesnt get a handle quickly on the economy?

A: The ringgit will depreciate in value because its sold down. Investor confidence will nose dive followed by capital flight. The federal deficit will balloon even more because most of the loans were pegged to US currency. The economy will collapse. Inflation will sharpen and there would be revolution.

What I have just described is the mini skirt executive summary of why I believe the Malaysian economy is the crux Of the issue for the new government. As for all this preoccupation with Najib that is for lesser minds.

Perhaps I should remind you Kompf, the very serious men who make up the Interspacing Guild are not longer pimple ridden kids who are content to eat pot noodle and play fantasy computer games. Many have grown up. Got married. Started enterprises. They all becone old men Kompf.

Tell me Kompf do you think these serious men of the IMG would decide to send out a skull order issued directly from the Council of the wise for me to generate a report on the Malaysian elections merely to just to mentally masturbate? No Kompf.

Q: The world press seem to be heralding the win of PH as a beacon of hope and a warning to authoritarinism. What is your take?

A:It is too early to say whether PH is salvation or perdation. For all we know if you pose the same question in two years, PH may well be more repressive and authoritarian than anything we have seen in the past history of Malaysia.

I think its very easy to be lulled into the illusion mahathir is a sweet 93 year old statesman. Be that as it may. All I have to say is Mahathir cannot escape his own reality. When we ask ourselves where did race based politics, rubber rule of law, gerrymandering, money politics, political patronage and elitism and all the ills we associate with Najib. It was all seeded by Mahathir.

Like I said, Mahathir can never escape his reality. So i hope if you dont mind should I decide not to go with the crowd and just sit this out and watch.

Q: What would make you change your mind about Mahathir.

A: For words to be credible it has to be backed by action. As it is Anwar is still in jail. I for one do not understand why there is a need to delay his release. I personally think more Malaysians if they are genuinely interested in real and not cosmetic change should focus on this and not allow their emotions to run wild. This is not a Korean soap opera. This is very serious five chili power and politics and I personally would like to see Anwar installed as PM within the shortest possible time before even considering uncorking the champagne.

Q: What can Singapore learn from this episode?

A: I think the lessons are very clear to the Singaporean custodians of power and the civil service. The organs of the state arent the personal rotweillers of those who are appointed to power along with ‘I am just following orders’ isnt a defense. They dont need a dirty farmer whose only good for shovelling dung to spell it out for them. Trust me it’s very clear.

I feel sorry for those who abused their power. As Malaysian prisons are like time machines. After one year those crooks will look like the walking dead.

Q: Many in the guilds were surprised by the uncanny accuracy of your prediction. Can you share excerpts of how you conducted your own survey.

A: Yes. I dont mind sharing my methodology. But I have to be clear. The method I deployed could really only be used in this one GE and perhaps no other. As this is the first time in Malaysian history that the election commission barred all political broadcast in the provinces and restricted them strictly to towns and cities.

One day when I attended one of these ceramah’s (political rallies). I had to park my car quite a distance. So i walked and in so doing I noticed by sheer epiphany that some cars had clean and spotless tire bays while others were muddied. Now cars with mud in the bays are all from the kampungs, its a function of having to transverse laterite roads and this time of the year it is impossible to keep the tire bays spotless. Only city cars can do this.

So I paid some nerdy schoolkid to come up with an app and distributed it to a network of jaga kereta boys. In Malaysia these are kids who get a few cents to guard over your car. All they had to do was count how many cars had dirty and clean tire bays.

After a while when I had critical mass. I noticed the pattern did not gel with what was been broadcasted in the media. For example in the case of BN rallies, the number of cars from kampungs were low to very low. While for PH rallies they were high.

So this is just one of the models. My point is if you want to build up an accurate picture about how this or that is panning out, then it certainly doesnt pay to just listen without bothering to interrogate on the how’s and why’s. It makes far more sense to ask, can you share with me your model?

The problem is when a SPH journalist says, 9 out of 10 Singaporeans agree with anti fake law legislation. And should you ask, can you share with me your model? They get angry and defensive, but I dont have any problems opening up my black box and sharing my methodology.

We can all learn from each other.

Q: How could the entire BN machinery be blindsided to such an extent that they didnt even see this coming their way. Najib even said on record that this time round BN would improve on their last performance in 2013 to garner a stronger mandate.

A: There is no word for this in English, but the Japanese refer to this mind trap as senshoubyou.

Q: Is there anything about Mahathir & Co that you consider positive?

A: Of course. Mahathir seems to be one of those rare fellows who appreciate the practicality of the safari or bush jacket. It is a very airy, functional and ideal for the tropics. Recently I was turned away from a formal function as I was consider not properly dressed despite sporting a cravat. On other occasions when I am just standing in a hotel, strangers who throw their car keys at me and say ridicolous things like ‘try not to scratch it!’ I think from now onwards that would not be a problem any longer.

Who says I dont appreciate Mahathir?

Q: Where will Pakatan Harapan go from here?

A: They are likely to go nowhere except maybe in big and small circles from this point onwards. That is because the only goal that cements these motley crew together is to get rid of Najib. Now that, that’s a done deal. There is nothing to bind them together any longer. You could even go as far as to say their raison detre is well and truly served its logical end.

Q: How do you see the various interest within the coalition of PH settling?

A: That is a very good question and the short answer is that it is conceivable many of the component parties that make up PH will find themselves very much like the allies when they defeated Hitler during WW2. You see everything that they did before was predicated on this one goal of ousting Najib, so now they will revert back to their respective interest very much like how Britian after the war tried to regain its imperial clouth or how post war American policy became much more assertative and muscular to eventually flesh out the idea of pax americana.

Q: How do you see the trajectory of this reversion and is UMNO and BN history?

A: Mahathir and M.Yassin and even possibly Anwar will eventually return back to UMNO and BN. I see this as not only a very natural trajectory but also one driven largely by political realities, only because as it is PH is a very unnatural alliance where you even have previous UMNO politicians sharing the same bed with arch enemies such as DAP.

The PH platform is very much like a first stage rocket, the fuel has been burnt, its brought the craft to the planned elevation now the only logical thing to do is to jetisson it.

Q: You mentioned one reason for all the component parties with PH to fragment and revert back to their classical roles is ‘driven largely by political realities.’ Pls elaborate?

A: Many voters cast their support for only PH manifesto, they didnt personalise their votes to the specificacy of the respective candidates. So you could even have a yellow rubber duck as a PH runner up and it would win! But when it comes to servicing the needs of the various constitutiencies. There is a need for a machinery. A hierachical organization. An oligrachy. And BN already has all these in place at every functional level from federal to state right down to district and finally kampung. So they will use it. Rather than recreate that skill of arms from ground zero.

Q: Do you see Mahathir ceeding power to Anwar as he promised?

A: No. As I mentioned, so much had been invested in the solitary goal of ousting Najib that I believe too many promises that cannot be fulfilled were made. Besides you have the understand the psychology here. Najib was a protege of Mahathir. The latter was a king maker who eventually became disenchanted with his apprentice. So this begs the question will he make the same mistake with Anwar. Maybe this I leave to you to decide.

If people say or believe anwar will just come right out of prison and become PM of Malaysia and all this has to do wirh Mahathir, then you have to be either naive or stupid.

Q: Why do you think BN lost so badly this time?

A: I think its a confluence of factors. Most like to point to 1MDB as the main plank, but I am not so sure its that clear cut. If i had to highlight one main factor it was the low price of oil during the last two years leading to the GE. This forced a slew of economic policies on the masses which can only be very drastic. Such as putting an end to subsidies for diesel, cooking oil along with the roll out of the GST.

If you ask me had the price of oil per barrel stayed above $USD70, then even if one factors in 1MDB. The outcome might have been very different.

Nearer to the elections timeline it had to be the anti fake news law that was passed without public consultation. That worked against Najib’s public image and I personally felt it was ill timed and badly conceived.

The other factor is undoubtedly Mahathir & Co. Say what you like, but by and large most Malaysians especially the older ones still look at the Mahathir era with a sense of nostalgia and fondness. That is an aspect that is regrettable about human memory. We only want to remember the good times amd filter out the bad.

No one really took Mahathir seriously. As there’s an old home guard dad’s army quality about his election outfit. They came across like a political version of the expendables to me. Old gunslingers who have to pick up their six shooters to right the wrongs etc etc. That i imagine was how most Malaysians saw it. So that got him alot of sympathy and drama votes especially in the kampung.

Q: ‘Drama’ votes. Pls elaborate.

A: In the provinces or in the malay vernacular for backwater or hillbillied, the parlance is kampung. In the kampung never ever underestimate power of a story. Especially if it has all the theaterical elements of the clash of the titans between good and evil. To many voters the Najib vs Mahathir show down had a mahabrata quality to it…that is undeniable. I think you really need to be a spy deeply embedded in the psyche of the kampung to realise that things were not going to be as simple as what CNA or the strait times depicted back home. To me it was very complicated and there were many many moving parts.

Q: Will life for the average Malaysian be bettered under Mahathir?

A: Look here consumption tax is the way to go. It is not only right equitably but its also right necessarily as well. Because oil price are low and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. As for this idea of life being hard under BN. That is certainly true, but contextually grappling with the economic connundrum of rising cost in an age where wages stay the same or regress is the norm in virtually every mature economy in the world including Singapore. So to say life is hard under Najib is a bit of an ikan merah, red herring. As not only does it mislead, but it implies life for the average Malaysian can get better under Mahathir. That is not true. I can say with a very high measure of confidence many of PH election promises such as abolishing GST will never happen.

Mahathir may be a great statesman, but even he cannot escape economic reality.