New government…is an incredible business opportunity for Singaporeans

May 15, 2018

Who comes to power is a matter of profound indifference….the only thing that matters is whether you can work together….do not waste time.

Send emissaries now….do not delay as the crowd will build up soon and door will shut.


‘Early this morning with my hair slicked back, sporting mirror polished shoes, attired in my No.1 super razor sharp Zegna bush jacket I paid a courtesy visit to the PH candidate who won recently.

I had to wait a very long time as the line was incredibly long. Soon I deployed my 007 skills to enter the service entrance and cut the line.

When I presented her with a bunch of plastic lilacs. I could tell that she was initially taken aback….sensing the strain…I went on to add, my commitment to see you and your organization to succeed is eternal like these lilacs…you have my word….they are non bio degradable…UV resistant even washing machine proof…they will look fresh and beautiful forever like my commitment.

The lady smiled supremely.’

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