When Trump meets up with Rocketman in Singapore…will he pop over and congratulate Mahathir?

May 26, 2018

Q: Do you see a Trump visit to Malaysia and touching base with Mahathir in the cards?

A: I dont know whether its in the cards or not. But what cannot be elided is the PH’s recent win over BN is historical. This is not only a simple win. It should be seen in relation to the political landscape in the rest of South East Asia and possibly beyond. As in the last ten years, there has been a pronounce hardening on the part of governments to human rights and freedom advocates. This is across the board from Cambodia where journalist who dont tow the line of officialdom are summarily jailed to Thailaind where there seems to be no end to Junta rule and closer to home in Singapore, you have delusional parliamentarians who believe it is perfectly reasonable to gril respondents for their imaginary fake news laws for hours at end.

So what we can see is a patent disregard for what is decent, right and reasonable. I just happen to think if the US is really genuine about taking a stake in making people and planet better. They should consider dropping into Kuala Lumpur. That I feel would convey a percautionary message to authoritarian governments in the region.

Q: You have mentioned in the past that you consider the Parliamentary Committee on fake news in Singapore to be a farce. Why?

A: Because the parliamentarians to me at least, seem least interested to gather intelligence, opinions and feedback to make better decisions concerning the merits and demerits of passing a fake news bill. You must understand. This is the impression I gather from their line of questioning. They seem to be more intrested in showcasing how loyal they are to the memory of LKY along with asking only non value added yes or no type questions. I for one cannot see what possible value that may add to their knowledge base concerning fake news. Maybe what they are trying to do is create an impression of consensus, where they can hope to reference what this or that person once said. So to me they made a mockery of themselves and the whole process as this had nothing to do with their published terms of reference. Of course I stand to be corrected as always. But this is the impression that I as a low IQ farmer gathered.

Q: Would you in any way like to add or retract any statement that you have made concerning the parliamentary committee on fake news.

A: No. I stand by what I have said. If they dont like it. They can commence legal proceedings against me. I have plently of land and my standard living happens to be very modest. So even if I happen to lose. I dont think that it would radically affect my standard of living.

Q: You have mentioned that what had recently happened in Malaysia is historical. Do you see any short comings in the current government?

A: They are not moving fast enough on sending a clear message that it doesnt pay for public servants and politicians to be corrupt. At this late stage of the game the rot is already chronic. So what is required must be very sharp and shocking action. but as it is. It seems the wheels of justice seems to be moving in slow motion.

Q: What would you do?

A: Malaysia has many islands, i would direct the surveyor general to gazette the top five obscure islands as concerntration camps. Of course I will not call them that. I would market these retreats as happy homes or new horizon retreats. Pack off all these corrupt officials and their families. You get the drift lah.

Q: I assume that you believe mahathir should take a harder line?

A: Yes. As it is. Its no good. What you need to understand is culture of corruption has seeped right into the marrow of the bones of the executive. Not many people have faith in even basic institutions such as the police or judiciary any longer. As these institutions have degraded to such a point where they are no longer seen to be reliable or trustworthy any longer. So for confidence to be restored very radical counter measures are required. One that in my personal opinion may even require Mahathir to be a dictator again.

Q: How would this whole idea that is your political theory sit alongside public opinion?

A: It cannot sit well. Because firstly the public does not have an accurate appraisal of the scale of the corruption problem in Malaysia. They are very fixated on Najib & Ali Baba Co. But to me the problem is at a systematic level where it threatens the very idea of not only processes but even the formation of the new government itself – what is required is firm and decisive action that in certain cases may even come across as draconion. My fear is most Malaysians do not seem to appreciate these operational realities.

Q: Does operation coldstore fall into the category of executive actions you consider to be ‘operational realities.’

A: Yes. i have always maintained that to be case. However that doesnt mean for one moment it was the moral or right thing to do. But it was necessary and even a strategic precondition if the imperative is to seed the foundations of a new nation.

Q: I dont understand. On one hand you say it is not moral. Yet you assert it is neccesary or in your own words a strategic precondition. How does it all square off?

A: It have to square off. Not for how I choose to make the calculations at least. You seem to need to reconcile it, but I dont see the urgency or contradiction. Not at all. I can live with that dichotomoty of black and white, evil and good. As I see only the goal. Let me explain it in this way. Did you know. I never called myself darkness. That is a moniker that was given to me. It all began in the great game we all once played. In the reign of Pandishah IX. I was the commander of the Northern forces in the mineral rich planet of Sardonyx. We had been fighting the Aryanians for over fifty space years. This great conflict was known as the ascension wars. It lasted about two earth years. You must understand I had lost many divisions and when one dies in a game it is not so different from the real world. Everything get erased and like snakes and ladders you go right back to square number 1. One day I managed to encircle them all, the whole lot of them, all 31 divisions. Shortly thereafter a message capsule which was designated for me originating from the Council read as such, I would have to abide by the Arullian Protocal, the Geneva Conventions. I disregarded the message. I made some excuse. Thereafter I proceeded to send in the Totenkopf and Sardokhan to cleanse us all from the menace. During the three days of massacre. I had disabled all the sat com. You see I knew that if I let them go. They would come back again. And they would kill us.

Kompf. I knew the consequences. I knew that what I was doing was wrong. So wrong that I may even be evil. And I knew what would happen thereafter. But you have to see it from my position. I had served the fifth, sixth and the seventh republic as a loyal soldier. I knew what would happen if i let them go this time. More would come and the line cant possibly hold the next time. The politicians back in Primus could never understand that sort of calculations, it was too horrendous and unimaginable for them to even contemplate what I once did. They just saw it as a sin, but that was because they did not understand the complexity of politics and power and the resolve needed to bring these polarties into balance. But I understood. I could even understand the depths of its finality.

When I returned. i was publicly humiliated, stripped off my rank and position and branded a common criminal. I would from thence forth go by the name of Darkness…the destroyer of the planets. So feared was my name that entire galaxies would ne safe just on account of the rumour that they have my favor. No one spoke to me. I was considered an outcast.

But for 3,000 space years, the Aryanians never ever set foot on the mineral rich planet of Sardonyx again.

As I said. I was a loyal servant soldier of the seventh republic. You know Kompf. There are times when I wake up in the middle of the night. Like around three or four. Its what I call the straggling period, its nowhere actually. Not near the dead of night or dawn, just smack right in the middle and I do think, what if all this happened in real life would I do the same thing.

You know what Kompf you would be very surprised by the answer.

Q: Do you consider what is happening now in Malaysia a good or bad thing and how might this all impact Singapore?

A: Its very early days. But it is always good when the once high and mighty BN is brought down to ground zero. Now they have to adjust to being a credible opposition and this means they would need to radically hardwire their ideology along with code of conduct etc etc. It will not be easy going for the new BN. As this time round they will have to live with all the constraints that the opposition had to endure. But it will be good. Because that sort of pressure is necessary and it would hopefully shape a better culture for a much leaner and responsive political outfit.

Q: Do you see the same thing that happened to BN happening to PAP?

A: Kompf. I dont particularly like the way you structure your questions. Because they are ineffect leading questions that assume if BN loses that means its the end. My point is its conceivable this is how politics and power actually evolves and even matures to add value to society. The only reason why it doesnt seem this way is because most Malaysians have only known life under the aegis of BN. Just as most Singaporeans have only known life under the PAP. My point is, this mental conditioning is essentially an acquired taste. Its not natural. Because if you ask how does a hegemony or oligrachy evolve to get better. At some point in the discussion you can never run away from the subject of destruction, specifically class destruction. If for example commodore Perry did not suddenly and unexpectedly appear with his gun boat in the bay of Japan, then there would have been no impetus to destroy the Samurai class along with their moribund code. That is to say if you look at how society actually perpetuates itself, a big part of the motivation or shall I say the catalyst always involves a form of creative destruction or disruption. Of course if you share this theory of politics and power with any politician, he will tell you. Hello if you kick us out of power, the sun will not rise tomorrow etc etc. But that is what politicians always do. They are very good at selling the very idea of fear associated with change itself. So most people are by nature adverse to change and they stick to what they know. This is how politicians have always stayed in power since recorded history.

Q: What do you see as the greatest threat to PAP now, is it WP?

A: No. The process of self destruction always begins from within. It is unnecessary to read the rise and fall of empires. All you have to do is watch that movie. Aliens. You know the one where monster chews its way from the inside out of some poor sods stomach and comes right out and after that everyone dies. The process of political demise is like that lah. The rot always starts from within. This is especially true of BN. All the signs of the end times were there, the decadence of money politics, the cult of materialism, elitism. When people spoke up. They were throwb into jail, threatenwd , intimidated and silenced till eventually there was no one to raise red flags any longer. Only the apparachiks of parvenus and men who have never ever known the sweat of hard and honest work and these are very unreliable sources to inform the party leadership what is really happening at grassroot levels. You could even say in the BN culture it doesnt pay for anyone to tell the truth.

My point is when the end comes, it will come from within and not from external factors. This rule is so robust that it is virtually axiomatic.

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