When Trump meets up with Rocketman in Singapore…will he pop over and congratulate Mahathir? -Part 2

May 27, 2018

Q: You mentioned it is a ‘good thing’ when political parties lose. As defeat will provide them with the impetus to effect beneficial change. If the PAP loses power do you see this as a good thing for Singapore?

A: Of course the people who are in the PAP boat will say this fellow is just a no hoper farmer what does he know. They might probably tell everyone if the PAP is not re-elected then the sun will not rise tomorrow and shortly thereafter the axis of the earth will go out of synch.

But Kompf this is something that I have spent alot of time studying for many years. When we speak about the whole dynamics of rise and fall. I dont see it as necessarily a bad thing. Take for example what is currently happening in BN in Malaysia. They have to suddenly shift gears from being the driver to a passenger, they are now the dominant de facto opposition. But within that process it also involves soul searching, reconciliation and introspection. To me these are not bad things. Because if they are done right BN will emerge as a leaner and better outfit.

When they were on top. BN was very flabby. They were all living in their make belief ivory towers. And worst of all they never ever conceived the idea that they could ever lose. They just took it for granted that if they continued to give out mattresses and slippers, those country bumpkins in the kampung would jist support them like the always used too. In other words they became unhinged from reality.

Q: Do you see PH going down the same path as BN one day and what might be the best way to insulate against the rot?

A: For the time being many of the leaders including Mahathir himself seem to be very sensitive to certain constitutional elemental rights and protocols like separation of powers along with the whole idea of independence of the judiciary etc etc. One can perhaps draw the conclusion one compelling reason that accounts why Mahathir & Co seems to be a changed man today has in part to do with how they were regularly victimised by the organs of the state when BN was in power. BN culture was so corrosive there was actually no delienation between the legislature and executive. They were considered one of the same reality. So it is good today to see politicians who appreciate the idea of separation of powers. Unfortunately it seems for them to really gain an indepth appreciation why these constitutional aspects are so important, they might first need to be victimized by the organs of the state.

Q: What is the best way to stop the rot from within?

A: Everything needs checks and balances. If you look at the American bill of rights charter for example, you will find that certain elemental rights are enshrined. Freedom of speech for example. That is because the founding fathers realized that if these specific rights are not put into the equivalent of a cookie jar and stored on the highest shelf. Then whenever conditions arise to set aside these rights be in the name of national security or to save the whales. The politicians will get their grubby hands on it. That incidentally is why this whole idea of the fake news law is so divisive and controversial. Because it is widely perceived to be attempt to put a policeman into everyone head.

But coming back to your question. The best checks and balances for every government of the day is the quality of the opposition. That incidentally is the difference between a statesman and a cheap politician. The latter sees the opposition as a road block that has to be harried, discredited and creamed. The former see the opposition in terms of a symbiotic relationship that acts as truses to keep the party political process nimble, tight and sharp.

The irony is if BN nurtured such a symbiotic relationship with the opposition instead perpetually hassling them no end with the organs of the state, they might very well be still be in power today.

Q: So am I right to say that you dont want to see the demise of BN?

A: No! Because if BN is a dead duck and you only have PH. Given time what will eventually happen is that PH will just be a V.2 of BN, warts and all. Eventually every political outfit without credible checks and balances will be corrupted by power.

Besides there are plenty of Malay intelligensia in UMNO who can give PH a run for their money. khairy Jamalludin and Hishamuddin, these are just a few very thoughtful people worth mentioning and if they play their cards right they might regain lost ground in the next GE. Yes UMNO has many useless hanger ons, but you must understand it is not a spent force, it was the single individual party that still garnered the highest number of votes in GE14.

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