Like that also interfering with Singapore politics!

May 31, 2018

    ‘I think the people of Singapore, like the people in Malaysia, must be tired of having the same government, the same party since independence.’


    If one cannot even take this type of rhetorical statement with a cool and mature attitude. But instead one chooses to behave like a spoilt petulant child. Then it is best not to talk about politics at all.

    Because whether you like it or not…every country is politically, economically, culturally, technologically and socially intertwined with other countries. In this globalized world…it is, what it is. If you want proof all you have to do is ask yourself whether property prices around Jurong Lake will begin to soften considerably after the HSR project is cancelled. So it is very stupid to insist that others should not have the right to talk about your turf.

    Want to do stupid things like lick radium and shoot yourself in the head. Go ahead, but I dont think you should use the good name of the Singapore blogosphere.

    I may well be autistic, but fortunately I am not stupid like some people who claim that mahathir has such thing as magical powers to interfere with Singapore politics.


    ‘In this world. You have no right whatsoever to control anyone, not if all they are doing is voicing out their personal opinion on their various objects of interest. Providing what they say is not incendiary or meant to provoke schism or magnify divides…then you have no right whatsoever to control anyone. All you can really hope to do is exercise control over yourself. As how you choose to react to these statements can either make or do you in like nine inch coffin nails!

    Truth is people will always interfere….not only with your politics, but also your privacy along with ten other things that you believe they have no right to interefere with! And let me share with you something that your mama and papa probably didnt share with you that is even stranger, they will interfere with your life, even when they are not interfering!

    Dont believe me! OK. Look at how they are interfering without really interfering from everything to the economy to even the national security of Singapore!

    High-speed rail project between Singapore and Malaysia that’s toast. I am so very sorry, but that’s economic interference whether you like it not. As it will have an adverse impact on the Jurong Lake District doesnt matter how the ministry of propaganda spins this one…it is what it is!

    But there also exist other forms of subtle interference by virtue of the historical changes that is canaling thru Malaysia….a sort of interference that is even more pervasive than outright interference itself. Because it will raise a pheltora of inconvenient questions in your brain.

    Yes they are interfering with your thought processes now!

    As even when we speak, the new government in Malaysia is planning to review a slew of controversial laws that were deemed by civil society to be draconian, heavy handed and authoritarian. They range from everything to the Printing Presses and Publication Act to the Sedition Act, and even the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act.

    Singapore has similar laws governing the media, public assemblies, sedition, and detention without trial. The PAP government has often justified these laws as necessary for national security and stability and whenever they are pressed, they even take comfort in the sobriquet statement, ‘we are not the only one who has these laws!’

    Now the new neighbours who have moved in are saying these laws are not even fit for animals! They are unsuitable as they are a bligh on human rights. They are unnecessary. They should be repealed. So you have a reverso situation happening between Malaysia and Singapore, like while Malaysia is moving to repeal everythign from their Anti-Fake News Act to GST…while the Singapore Government is looking to introduce legislation of the sort along with ramping up the GST.

    Always bear in mind! I am not saying all this. All this is happening in stereo and in the marvellous completion of technicolor…yes, they are bloody interfering even if they are not interfering and neither you or I can stop people from going about their lives….besides at some point…the average Singapore is going to ask, why cant i have the same things as those Malaysians?

    Now if that happens what are you going to do then! You’re going to build a wall, fill the moat with piranhas, bar everyone from Malaysia?


    So as you can see for yourself interference is happening all over the place. Only a bloody fool will try to what others say or think these days…they might as well go and plough the sea.’

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