There are two super sized landowners heading for a rumble. I have volunteered my services to arbitrate to seek resolution…but my real intention is to put petrol to an already raging fire so that they will ultimately destroy each other… will be a war of attrition that will weaken and degrade their strenghts like slow acting poison. Once they are wasted….I will move in.


When superpowers fight, conventionally, economically or even culturally….it is doesnt mean everyone loses….it just means there will be some losers and if you care to look longer and deeper even winners.’

Two of everything

June 29, 2018

Many people ask of me – why do I seem to have two of everything? The answer is. In the event one fails, there is a standby. The other reason is by having two, if one unit underperforms it can be collaborated with the unit that is working properly. Thirdly should both units go on the blink, the parts can be cannibalize to put together a functioning unit.

And finally in life it always pays big dividends to always have a plan B…..especially when things are going well.


‘If you’ve ever learnt to sail old school. A rule of thumb most sailors abide to is never put your faith on one compass. That I imagine holds true for the rest of life as well. The only exception being your mate or maybe mother in law. But having two of everything is simply a round about way of saying – in life it pays to hedge your bets and not put all your eggs in one basket….that makes sense.’


June 27, 2018

I will begin tO dam the river next month. Most people will not think much of this…after all it is confluence and branches out to another river. But what they do not know is this other river is completely silted.

When the wet season comes a flood will be engineered… usual i will pretend to play soduku and give everyone looks of bewilderment.

I have no choice…I have to attack and if there is such a thing approaching a compelling reason of sort it is simply this….It is the best or shall I say the only defense I have.


‘Born autistic. I had to learn such a thing known as life craft. I realize when I speak of this…it must come across as slightly ridicolous and even melodramatic. But i am serious. You see it is quite scary….I dont actually know how to life a purpose driven life. To gainfully accomplish this, I always have to look out for good examples to emulate.

One of the good things I learnt as a planter when I first started out was how thorough, efficient and uncomprising the Japanese spies were before the invasion of Malaya. They had literally embedded themselves into every aspect of life in Imperial Malaya and the most surprising thing was that they did all this directly in full view of their British overlords.

They were relentless. When the Japanese army landed in Kota Bahru they even had an inventory of how many bicycles to commander, right down to detailed maps on how to by pass the trunk and main roads by relying solely on plantation roads. They were so meticolous in their planning light artillery pieces could be dismantled and carried without too much fuss.

It would not to wrong to say the British were whipped for six of best….all on account on people who should never have been in the business of war in the first place as they have neither the understanding of the practical necessities of waging war to not having the slightest inkling on what it really takes to win a decisive victory.

I have learnt so many things for the Imperial Japanese army. One day I would like to travel to Yakasuni shrine and pay my deepest respects to those who I deeply respect and admire.

Regrettably much of the history of this epic intelligence gathering exercise and how it was used to strategic advantage is lost and forgotten.

I just do not agree with the atrocities…I think that was both vile and deep scar of shame on the japanese people.

The distant love

June 26, 2018

Plantation dogs cannot be fondled, stroked and feted. Infact it is not recommended for the master to even touch them. That is because the goal of the trainer is to accentuate the primal instincts of these puppies. A good trainer must know how to sharpen these characters and never blunt them into uselessness. It is this aspect of the character of the dog that will be the building block for its training regime.

There are times when I feel sad that I cannot hold them or just give them a pat.

Nonetheless, they stay close to me and that makes me happy.


‘One of the puppies I have christened Ping Piang. It is a simple name because whenever you want to know where he is all you have to do is listen to things falling and making a big racket…that is why I have decided to call him Ping Paing.’

Seizing the initiative

June 26, 2018

Good intelligence is very important. But more important than this is the skill to gainfully transform this resource into a wonder weapon. Take this simple illustration. If the arm chair pontificators in the school of LKY actually bothered to get off their big asses and hit the road to assemble an accurate picture of what the outcome of the 14 GE for Malaysia would be….things would be very different today and Singapore could still manage to hedge its bets to manage a respectable win….but instead they choose to be bovine, lazy and indifferent. The cost to the nation is so exorbitantly high.


‘I must now seize the initiative. But it is a bitter choice that requires me to wage war once again with the rival landowners….or at least pretend too. I do not relish the prospects of this charade….you see I am actually very tired of fighting and all I really wish for now is to sit on my rattan chair with a cold beer and watch the sun set in the evening. But that is not possible it seems….to many things are happening around me and if I should do nothing more than impersonate a moss riven stone. There are others making plans…formimg alliances and preparing to seize ground.

The tragedy of this sequence of unfortunate events is I have no such thing as the luxury of choice….I must attack first.

A surprise attack. One that I have been preparing for a very long time.

If it goes well….i will take off my shoe during the meeting, bang it, put tiger balm in my eyes and pretend to cry and tell everyone that I have not been treated fairly. Thereafter I will make a u turn and sue for peace. ‘

Psychological warfare

June 26, 2018

Today there was a car that was tailing me. From the looks of it. They’re not professionals. Very sloppy. No plan B that sort of outfit. But nonetheless its a definite tail.

They’re planning something.


‘It doesnt take alot to disable a person. All it takes is to plant a very small seed of doubt in the heart and mind. Doubt leads to confusion. Confusion opens the door to fear and fear can only end in self destruction.

There is no point in pretending that psy war is not effective….it is very effective.’

When you follow everyone else. You will probably like what everyone likes. But if you go your own way….you will really discover what u really like.

How to brine

June 22, 2018


June 21, 2018

When people provoke you, trying to will yourself into calmness does not work. Infact it is like adding petrol to an already raging fire. That is because when one is already provoked, the human body will begin to release many fight and flight chemicals. Your brain will be soaked in all these mind bending solutions. You are literally at the mercy of this chemical cocktail. So it is very bad advise to ask someone to calm down when they are already angry, it is like asking a tiger to release when its fangs are locked on the throat of a prey.

But if you say to youself….i must never allow this to spoilt my mission…my mission has to be accomplished….too many people back home are relying on me!….I can never let the side down.

By returning your mind to the center. Your mission. You will never get sucked
in your own turmoil of anger, instead, you will begin to cultivate an more detached view of things, people and situations that bring out the best in you.


‘Let me give you one good life advice that you will find to be truer than true. Never ever fuck around with either a man or woman who has a mission in life. It doesnt matter what that mission is…could well be a mission to see that her kid does well in math or even eat his or her veggies. Could even be a man who wants to reach a career milestone somewhere in his head by this or that age. Never stand in this persons way. Never obstruct. Because if you do so, this person will do things to you that are so painful that you wished you had not been born.

A man with a mission is a very dangerous man. To protect his mission such a man can even pull back anothers head by the hair, slit his throat from ear to ear to year and his heartbeat would hardly even flutter…..this is the clarifying power of a mission and how it has the power to subjugate everything including morality and ethics…..again it bears repeating. Be very careful of the man with a mission.

As for the man without a vision or mission. He is just going about aimless like a pin ball in a machine that flips balls here and there according to the vagaries of randomness….such a man will not only amount to much, but if you put your faith in him. He will let you down.’

Moving without moving

June 19, 2018

I am autistic. I have always seen the world differently from most people. Since the moment of my youth. I could always convey my thoughts to dogs with remarkable ease.

Many people were afraid. There were even numerous occasions when they even tried to lynch me. Often these powers were described as magic or some form of malevolent mysticism.

Fortunately to spare my parents from further high blood pressure and heart attacks, i would use this insight to only perform tricks to entertain.

But I noticed at times when I got angry, these same emotions could be conveyed as well to my four legged friends…they will begin to flare their nostrils, lower their head and expose their fangs and begin to growl menacingly at the source of my anger.

At first I did not understand these things….but as I grow older. I now understand how at times one can move without moving, act without acting and even think without thinking…..many people see this as an articulate form of emptiness. Some have even got angry with me for sharing this insight and some have openly accused me of masquerading pseudo science as a delectable form of mumbo jumbo…..but all without exception, even my fiercest critics cannot deny after talking to me that there is such a thing as to move without moving.


‘Martial artist have long known of this….the secret art of moving without having to ever move physically. This idea is very difficult to explain in English. As since English is a fundamentally primitive language that is confined to only one plane of human existence described generically as consciousness and nothing else, it is futile to try to explain how the mind can transcend the limits of time and space in English. You might as well go and try to bake a fruit cake without raisins….I once had a conversation with someone who asked me to described this state of mind. I told her that to move without moving doesn’t mean telepathy or mind over matter in the way one bend spoons perfectly or read minds. Rather it requires considerably less drama and if anything it is simply like being carried on a boat in the flow.

That is to say when one is in the flow of this stream of consciousness….the words no longer the most efficient way to convey thoughts…they only confuse things. What I am describing is a paradigm of a higher dimension of consciousness.

And this consciousness is stillness where we are resting in our emotional centers. When we are in the flow of this river of stillness, I think we’ll be who the ancient sages are describing. When they talk about moving without moving…empty mind etc.’

Due to the sudden and unexpected passing of an influential and powerful landowner to the east. There is now a power vaccum. Many of my business rivals are preparing to fill this void….some have made their intentions publicly known…they want to muscle in and have proceeded to stake a claim by planting flags. Others are less cavalier and much prefer to keep their plans close to their chest. Nonetheless, they too are planting flags as well. Then there are those who are just waiting to see what happens before making any plans. But then even they have flags tightly clenched in their fist….all the need is a green light.

Recently a group of landowners asked me whether I knew about the sudden and unexpected passing of the rich and influential landowner to the east….I merely replied….that is most unfortunate.


‘If you genuinely want to train your mind to think strategically. Then you need to center it. By centering. i mean you have to be weighted down so that your emotional center of gravity is so incredibly low that should you be knocked. You may well reel from right to left, but eventually like a buoy. You will always return back to your steady center.

That i feel is how it really is when we talk about strategy….it is all about centering yourself so that when you go thru a stormy situation. Nothing can ever push or pull you away from the center.

That is another way of saying you see the very end even in the beginning and this enables one to fortify oneself with the spirit of the mountain…the mountain does not move. Everything around it is moving. But it. The mountain never moves. Many people see this as weakness. But to the trained eye and mind it is none other than the highest acme of warcraft.’

The need to remain calm

June 18, 2018

Focus ONLY on the mission like a secret agent. Everything else is just either a a big or small distraction that adds zero value to the mission.

When one reduces everything into this matter of fact perspective….then everything is suddenly rendered clear….very clear indeed….there is never ever any need to get emotional.

That incidentally is a luxury I can ill afford.



‘In life. If you think long and hard about it….its not what you really proactively do that determines your chances of getting ahead…trust me on this. I have studied and researched this.

Rather it is how you choose to respond to others or a situation.

Remember I say this because i want the best for you…and that means I have to be very honest. In this world, there will always be some evil people who will try their very best to bring out the worst in you. That’s because they want you to self destruct.

If you cant trust yourself to respond 100% all the time. Just avoid the situation or better still run…..there is absolutely no shame in this.

I do it all the time!’

Camo dog

June 17, 2018

I train all my dogs from a young age on the importance of hiding. Hidding is a jugular survival skill for plantation dogs. It is of no importance to city dogs, but for plantation dogs it is a matter of life and death. This is shadow hidding in the drain.

From my personal experience it works with only white meat – chicken is good, Turkey is even better, pork in my opinion is only so-so. As for red meat, it doesnt work at all.

I like to brine and cook like so….

I make it a point to cook this at least once a week.

There is a brinning calculator here.

This morning. During breakfast. One of the village elders asked me a very sensitive question. I did not give him an answer. Sensing that the rest were uneasy with my silence…he asked again and again I did not give him an answer.


‘In a world where we are constantly in the echo chamber of ceaseless chatter and sound. It is conceivable that being noisy is the default human condition. Often we can conduct at test on ourselves to determine whether we are suffering from silence phobia…..suddenly silence is frigthening.

Very very frigthening.

Only people who are completely comfortable in silence can transform this void into a negotiating weapon. As they all understand only too well how the vast majority of humans live in fear of silence….and since the sound of silence is oftening deafening. Most people would do anything just to make noise…they would talk when there is a dead space in the conversation…they will feel the discomfort of having to say something even if it is meaningless and of no value.

When one is a keen observer of how the vast majority of humans are afraid of silence…suddenly everything becomes very clear.’

They’re coming to one year old. Shadow is to the left and Jaswan to the right from the viewer.

Shadow has a dominant Rotweiller gene. He is like all Rotweillers fiercely territorial and even slightly to aggressive to the rest of the pack. Rotweillers are not by temprament close to their masters…they dont see the need to be near them.

Jaswan on the otherhand has a dominant spitz demeanor. He is much more playful, approachable and less inclined to be assertive. He is also less confident and prefers to be close to the master.

The new puppies they like Jaswan much more.

As for Shadow he has grown up to be a beautiful dog.

There is an evil once every ten year mother of all virus that is killing dogs. They all dying like flies. Especially those with brown markings. I do not have much time. They may already be infected….early tomorrow I will trek deep into the jungle. I will find the tribesmen and I will tell them to raise them in the ancient ways……deep in the jungle my babies will be safe.

Papa loves you…love will find a way…deep deep in the jungle.

I must move fast…death is closing in furiously.

This is the reason why. When America says that Asia is very important to them….no one in Asia seems to believe them.

Sardine curry

June 10, 2018

Some times, not all the time I admit. But some times, the simplest food is the best.