The need to remain calm

June 18, 2018

Focus ONLY on the mission like a secret agent. Everything else is just either a a big or small distraction that adds zero value to the mission.

When one reduces everything into this matter of fact perspective….then everything is suddenly rendered clear….very clear indeed….there is never ever any need to get emotional.

That incidentally is a luxury I can ill afford.



‘In life. If you think long and hard about it….its not what you really proactively do that determines your chances of getting ahead…trust me on this. I have studied and researched this.

Rather it is how you choose to respond to others or a situation.

Remember I say this because i want the best for you…and that means I have to be very honest. In this world, there will always be some evil people who will try their very best to bring out the worst in you. That’s because they want you to self destruct.

If you cant trust yourself to respond 100% all the time. Just avoid the situation or better still run…..there is absolutely no shame in this.

I do it all the time!’

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