Manuevers – the strategy of the mountain

June 19, 2018

Due to the sudden and unexpected passing of an influential and powerful landowner to the east. There is now a power vaccum. Many of my business rivals are preparing to fill this void….some have made their intentions publicly known…they want to muscle in and have proceeded to stake a claim by planting flags. Others are less cavalier and much prefer to keep their plans close to their chest. Nonetheless, they too are planting flags as well. Then there are those who are just waiting to see what happens before making any plans. But then even they have flags tightly clenched in their fist….all the need is a green light.

Recently a group of landowners asked me whether I knew about the sudden and unexpected passing of the rich and influential landowner to the east….I merely replied….that is most unfortunate.


‘If you genuinely want to train your mind to think strategically. Then you need to center it. By centering. i mean you have to be weighted down so that your emotional center of gravity is so incredibly low that should you be knocked. You may well reel from right to left, but eventually like a buoy. You will always return back to your steady center.

That i feel is how it really is when we talk about strategy….it is all about centering yourself so that when you go thru a stormy situation. Nothing can ever push or pull you away from the center.

That is another way of saying you see the very end even in the beginning and this enables one to fortify oneself with the spirit of the mountain…the mountain does not move. Everything around it is moving. But it. The mountain never moves. Many people see this as weakness. But to the trained eye and mind it is none other than the highest acme of warcraft.’

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