Moving without moving

June 19, 2018

I am autistic. I have always seen the world differently from most people. Since the moment of my youth. I could always convey my thoughts to dogs with remarkable ease.

Many people were afraid. There were even numerous occasions when they even tried to lynch me. Often these powers were described as magic or some form of malevolent mysticism.

Fortunately to spare my parents from further high blood pressure and heart attacks, i would use this insight to only perform tricks to entertain.

But I noticed at times when I got angry, these same emotions could be conveyed as well to my four legged friends…they will begin to flare their nostrils, lower their head and expose their fangs and begin to growl menacingly at the source of my anger.

At first I did not understand these things….but as I grow older. I now understand how at times one can move without moving, act without acting and even think without thinking…..many people see this as an articulate form of emptiness. Some have even got angry with me for sharing this insight and some have openly accused me of masquerading pseudo science as a delectable form of mumbo jumbo…..but all without exception, even my fiercest critics cannot deny after talking to me that there is such a thing as to move without moving.


‘Martial artist have long known of this….the secret art of moving without having to ever move physically. This idea is very difficult to explain in English. As since English is a fundamentally primitive language that is confined to only one plane of human existence described generically as consciousness and nothing else, it is futile to try to explain how the mind can transcend the limits of time and space in English. You might as well go and try to bake a fruit cake without raisins….I once had a conversation with someone who asked me to described this state of mind. I told her that to move without moving doesn’t mean telepathy or mind over matter in the way one bend spoons perfectly or read minds. Rather it requires considerably less drama and if anything it is simply like being carried on a boat in the flow.

That is to say when one is in the flow of this stream of consciousness….the words no longer the most efficient way to convey thoughts…they only confuse things. What I am describing is a paradigm of a higher dimension of consciousness.

And this consciousness is stillness where we are resting in our emotional centers. When we are in the flow of this river of stillness, I think we’ll be who the ancient sages are describing. When they talk about moving without moving…empty mind etc.’

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