June 21, 2018

When people provoke you, trying to will yourself into calmness does not work. Infact it is like adding petrol to an already raging fire. That is because when one is already provoked, the human body will begin to release many fight and flight chemicals. Your brain will be soaked in all these mind bending solutions. You are literally at the mercy of this chemical cocktail. So it is very bad advise to ask someone to calm down when they are already angry, it is like asking a tiger to release when its fangs are locked on the throat of a prey.

But if you say to youself….i must never allow this to spoilt my mission…my mission has to be accomplished….too many people back home are relying on me!….I can never let the side down.

By returning your mind to the center. Your mission. You will never get sucked
in your own turmoil of anger, instead, you will begin to cultivate an more detached view of things, people and situations that bring out the best in you.


‘Let me give you one good life advice that you will find to be truer than true. Never ever fuck around with either a man or woman who has a mission in life. It doesnt matter what that mission is…could well be a mission to see that her kid does well in math or even eat his or her veggies. Could even be a man who wants to reach a career milestone somewhere in his head by this or that age. Never stand in this persons way. Never obstruct. Because if you do so, this person will do things to you that are so painful that you wished you had not been born.

A man with a mission is a very dangerous man. To protect his mission such a man can even pull back anothers head by the hair, slit his throat from ear to ear to year and his heartbeat would hardly even flutter…..this is the clarifying power of a mission and how it has the power to subjugate everything including morality and ethics…..again it bears repeating. Be very careful of the man with a mission.

As for the man without a vision or mission. He is just going about aimless like a pin ball in a machine that flips balls here and there according to the vagaries of randomness….such a man will not only amount to much, but if you put your faith in him. He will let you down.’

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